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  1. Lots of starlet GT/glanza Vs have an improperly closing bonnet. Why? 


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    2. iRage


      @MaleCortana Cars don't come with spacers out of the factory. It is something that the moders do. It was first done in drag racing cars way back during the muscle car days. It was a quick and cheap way for the kids to make the car move faster by reducing air drag in the engine compartment as well as ram in extra air.

    3. MaleCortana


      @iRage That's definitely something I didn't know, thought high performance versions of normal cars would come with them XD

    4. iRage


      Oh no...manufacturers do not put spacers even on their GT and Touring Car championships...they just mod the bonnet with additional vents and do up dampers and such...at least so far I have not seen manufacturers use bonnet spacers. 

      The only time I have seen manufacturers use anything to lift the back end of the bonnet is in pedestrian safety systems (they make the hinge end of the bonnet pop up to make the bonnet sit up straight so that it gently catches pedestrians in a collision)

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