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  1. Came across a 2008 Mazda Axela that the owner claims 'is used as a 2nd car for driving pleasure'... Come on now, are they really THAT good? I get they are fun and sharp to drive but how good is it really, that one justifies it as a 2nd car? It's an automatic too. How much sharper or better are they to drive compared to a Lancer, Civic or Swift of the same year? Or is it just hype? 

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    2. sathyajithj99


      I think you should marry your gf soon. She seems to have a good taste in cars as well as in colours.

    3. iRage


      So...got a 2017 Mazda 3 2.0L over here as a rental car in Vietnam. We have 3 days left here and I had to give up the Fortuner a few days ago.

      As before the 3 just begs to be rev'd...at low revs it feels slow and lethargic and just has this stiffyness in the pedal that makes you want to just stomp on it...when the revs reach like 2500-3000 it just zooms. The ride, even though the car is hacked is still nice and firm yet soft and still has that active feel to it.

      What I do not like:

      Steering is too light.

      Seats..the fake leather is just yucky

      The tiptronic gear box in manual shift mode is annoying...its bad enough that it is lethargic to shift up..it is 1000x more annoying shifting down when it jsut decides to jerk (not predicatable at all). So yeah....keep it out of manual shifting and sports mode :D

    4. tiv


      I'm not sure about the mazda but in the current financial drout people may word out far more optimism to shed a car.

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