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  1. Anyone else know about the green Challenger Hellcat that had toppled a Canter lorry in Kaduwela? R.I.P

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      If you youtube "bus sri lanka" beats any movie! 

    3. AVANTE


      Bro, how are you not dying of cringe? Teach me!

      Loving the comments: "budusaranai"

      "beautiful buses"

      "big bus & small bus"

      "ela bus boys " 

      "Privet bus"

      Also don't miss out on the blockbuster: "dangerous bus race: CTB vs private bus"

      People are actually gathering around and filming the crap😂

    4. alds


      Maybe the younger generations are going a bit overboard with this fanboying thing over here? The stuff we see on SM are getting worse day by day. Even the local schools are queuing behind these "well modifayed" buses for annual trips.

      Even the village elderly club annual Anuradhapura pilgrimage gets one of these rajina or a patikki with led lghting system.