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  1. The 'Nissan Leaf Srilankan owners club' is the most depressing FB page ever. Lots of good & reasonable people, all waiting for the messiah to descend from the heavens with a set of affordable & brand new batteries. Some even selling their cars by openly saying it can only do 50km on a full charge :(

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    2. AVANTE


      @alds Ayyyy...we autolankans have been bored for a few days. Do it bro! For the sake of motoring, do it!


      @Jason Bourne I laughed out loud at this! And i feel bad for them too. R.I.P (Rest in Poop)

    3. tiv


      It is a humongous job fixing a ICE to a leaf, given that everything on it is run by electric means, ie ac compressor, brake servo vacuum, water pump, steering so on

      And last but not least retrofitting a gas tank and filler mechanism, do able but not practical, and definitely not the job an average leaf owner and mechanic can get together and do. 

      Ending botch job would also have no value and likely to have legal issues and be tremendously unreliable. 

      Would make a radical sleeper or a racecar though!

    4. tiv


      Will definitely need a transvers mounted engine, with a smaller gear box, perhaps a cvt, including drive shafts and hub assemblies, maybe Able to salvage the steering mechanism, I'm not sure if it runs 12v dc or straight off the drive battery.

      Again it's a heavy car even without the  battery and the engine has to be gutsy

      Will include modifications to the floor pan and  strengthening monocoque body as the car was not designed to bear much weight on the front ie the engine, the rear was designed to bear more having the battery hung below. 

      As for the gear selector mechanism and gauge clusters again will be a lot of handy work and fabricating. 

      Would be a fun job if the car is bought next to nothing.

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