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  1. The 'Nissan Leaf Srilankan owners club' is the most depressing FB page ever. Lots of good & reasonable people, all waiting for the messiah to descend from the heavens with a set of affordable & brand new batteries. Some even selling their cars by openly saying it can only do 50km on a full charge :(

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    2. alds


      Srilankan Engine swap  favorite toyota 2C comes to mind. Thay haul around antique Cortinas and 504s so why not a leaf 😂

      I think the EPS runs off the 12V battery, so there wouldn't be much of an issue. Leaf drivers never used AC so no one will miss that.

      Meanwhile, I've seen a mitsubishi minicab MiEV converted to an ICE driving around. It even had the little letter E under the dash in the license plate. Again that must have all the mounting points needed since a similar gasoline variant was available.

    3. AVANTE


      @alds tiv mentioned his Leaf's AC was always running sooo.... there's still hope 😅

    4. iRage


      uhh..I think it would be easier to take a Leaf body and just bolt it on to a Sunny or something. The neural fabrication would be 1000x easier than the who reengineering of all the systems