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    Motorcycles, Aquascaping, Diecast models, Gaming, Star wars, Documentaries, Cycling

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    KYB Excel-G shocks, Exedy clutch set
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    Every car has an interesting story, unless it's a Tata Nano or a Suzuki Every, in which case it's tragic.

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  1. I see ur from mawanella. I used to live in kadugannawa few years back. Howdy neighbor 

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I visited in 2018 mchn.for sure bro. Want to settle down in Kadugannawa again. No matter where I go, I always miss being in Kadugannawa, its boring and awesome at the same time

    3. AVANTE


      It's a mix of both the mawanella like climate & the kandy like hill-climate. Have a few friends there. Once you get used to it, life can be boring wherever you are, just have to find a way to do something that makes us happy and makes our existence matter at the same time. Have you moved to the U.S. with your whole fam?

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      True I agree.Good scenic places to drink around kadu though. They were. But now half of the family moved back.