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  1. Typical idiotic Lankan-buyer mindset.. I have recieved calls from 7 different people in the past 4 days and and none of them bother to read the description and try to negotiate the price over the phone.

    One fella told me he had a specific amount of money in hand and is demanding my car for that specific amount and tried to teach me what my car is worth in today's market as he wants to resell for a profit. My mom hearing the convo, asked for the phone and politely told the caller to take a hike.

    Pisses me off everytime.

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    2. AVANTE


      "had noobs telling I've parked the car in a garage too much and the paint got dull, the paint needs sunlight to shine and be bright."

      Oh ho, if my someone told this to my dad on a bad day, I could see some fun. 

      also like the foreign guy,  I know lots of people do that too. "negotiation over the phone will not be tolerated" is something that flies over the typical lankan's dumb A55.

      Our vehicles are our babies and it's insulting when people ignore the service records, the love and enthusiasm of the owner & just spit such a low ball offer in the face. I even know a 'so called car guy' who actually doesn't know anything about cars and came around telling me to sell my swift and get a japanese version because "the jap car has more demand", told him to piss off too.

      Although I'm patient, I look forward to the day where I punch someone smack in the face for crossing personal limits.

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Dont forget the people who talk hella shit about your car. Apo mewa market na. Pata market na. Beij interial neme ne. Mewa thel bausar one. Apo meke spair weel eka pawichi karala ne?. And then Offers 40% less. Why buy if its that bad? Thats my response.

    4. AVANTE


      Yeah, why buy if its bad? I kid you not, one fella who does this for actually does it as a living. He even goes to less flashy dress shops & in order to get something for the price he wants, he talks shit about the dress color & quality and tries to bargain for a mere 50-70 bucks off the original price. Fcuking piece of trash such people are.

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