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  1. As the swift has hit the 100,000km mark and its been 12 years old, I'm thinking of an 'engine tune-up'. Idle is normal but there is a slight lack of smoothness at idle but in driving it's very rev happy and smooth. Roughly how much would it set me back? Or am I better off just cleaning the EGR, intake & injectors myself using an injector cleaner?

    1. Hyaenidae


      Since yours is an export model there should be an English maintenance schedule online


    2. alpha17


      There are some notable areas you should look for, when your car hits 100k mark. Check for the fuel filter (which is located on the top of the fuel tank), which is most likely to be replaced. Then check for the engine mounts. Mounts are 80% responsible for the smoothness of the engine. Clean the throttle body, spark plugs and MAF sensor. You’ll have to keep aside around 30-40k for a full tune up including the fuel filter. Mounts will set you back more.