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  1. GBP 680? Eesh, was this for an impreza? I thought they'd be cheaper since it's a common upgrade for subie owners. Also, not just parts. I'm even skeptical about buying oil these days. There are counterfeits too!
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums! Since your question mentions "vehicles" and nothing specific, might I suggest a brand new facelifted KTM Duke 390, or you can grab a recent model CB400 SuperFour with legal registration. Maybe a Royal Enfield Himalayan to attack some nice country side hills and dirt?😉 Just kidding, seriously though there are no "new" cars at that price range, sadly. Are you searching for brand new because of a "trouble free" experience? I suggest a Perodua Viva elite which fit your budget and are nice cars, or maybe a 2016/17 Japan Alto/Suzuki Every if you can slightly extend your budget.
  3. I really like your enthusiasm here. Unfortunately, I have no idea about Senok around these parts but there used to be a 2nd Gen forester and an STI4 RA roaming the town. The STI4 had a major oil leak problem and the owner spent a week or two getting it fixed at a local garage where he also used to do basic maintenance. Also, not to mention the countless subies roaming the nuwara side. @everyf4 they are not as nightmarish as you think they might be to own in these parts of the county as @Devinda_Z has explained. Parts are attainable and repairs can be done, albeit not as easily and readily as a Toyota. You should reserve those nightmares for uncommon euro cars like Alfas, Citroens and Volvos. Just make sure to find a trustworthy mechanic and you're all set. Overall it depends on what kind of life you want to live. I know I wouldn't want to be stuck behind a juki machine econobox forever. The subies (in the lankan context) are between Japanese reliability/attainability and serious performance, a touch of both. Also @Devinda_Z, what are you opinions on Supreme nugegoda and Spec-J Tuning when it comes to delivering and pricing performance parts?
  4. Oh my... All this while I didn't recognize I was confusing perodua and proton as a single brand. The name and country had to be similar 😬
  5. This looks like the weirdest jacked up thread on autolanka thus far.
  6. I second these. Seems like you are someone who actually cares about how a car drives instead of the typical person who's priorities are "sunroop, led light, hybrid, 2nd maaket & leather shet" Mazda 3, Lancer EX, Swift & Civic FD series.. You just can't go wrong with those cars. Traditional automatics, reliable and fun to drive.
  7. I've played for 2 years. Had about 102 cars, best being the Bugatti Veyron Supersport Vitesse and some even specials. All collecting dust now when the iPad charging port failed. Lost interest in gaming for a while but have to get my account back.
  8. Its my sole mission to get one of these for my future project car. This is a must have item in my life.
  9. Heard of it but never played though
  10. You talked too soon! This is my 4th papercraft but the 2nd successful one. Other 2 failures were a 1:24 Alfa 8c2900b and 1:43 Evo IX.. The NSX took 8 hours but the templates are very well put together! Here's the link, straight from Epson themselves! https://www.epson.jp/sponsor/nakajima/craft/
  11. Did this 1:24 scale Modulo NSX Super GT 2017 Race car that's used by Epson Nakajima Racing. Papercraft sure is a crazy cool hobby!
  12. GT Racing 2 is limited like you said, gets boring quickly and hard to earn dough. I stopped NFS: No Limits at chapter 7 itself even though I was addicted, it was boring. Had a maxed PR green golf I called the hulk. Gear club? Have to try it out!
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