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    Daihatsu Copen

    Not a fan of the Cero? Once in a while a K number car might come up. Saw a honda beat yesterday, quite a nice thing albeit rare and old now. You can't go wrong with both the copen or S660. I'd say wait a bit, until this stupid inflation trend comes down or a rare car pops up.
  2. OK since you insist @fiat fan bro Name: Ridhwan Ramzi Age: 19 Location : Mawanella School : RIS Kegalle/Zahira Mawanella Simple fellow, doing random things and enjoying the finer things of life, nostalgic, old school also, no show off/loud partying vibes here lol. Not the best with tech either. Into aquascaping, cooking, fitness related stuff, DIY, general trivia and also motorcycles as most of you know.
  3. It takes a minimum of 12 seconds for the oil to fully circulate and touch every part of the engine that needs lubrication in a modern engine. Even though it is said new cars dont need warming up for minutes, I still follow the 1 minute warm up habit to be in the safe side and don't push it until it's warmed up. But if you were in a hurry and can't even wait a minute, remember that 12 seconds is the bare minimum.
  4. I'm restoring a 1985 Honda Hawk CB250T.

    It's undergoing engine rebuild and I'm unable to find brand new pistons for it, but I found new Piston rings, seals, gaskets.

    Pistons could be ordered from abroad but they are chinese and expensive. Lol

    What the previous owner has done is polished the pistons and installed new rings. Which isn't a long term solution. 

    Now I'm being advised by some people to find pistons from some other model that have the same dimension, take it to a lathe, and get the top part/crown carved to accommodate the 3 valves (Suzuki Gn125 pistons fit but the head is made for 2 valves). My mech said he has never tried that because he thinks it's impossible. I need insight guys. 

    Is this feasible? 

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    2. Kavvz


      Actually keep the tire on then, at least till your Dad gets used to riding a bike again...

      Its a wider (more control) and if it slows down the bike then great! (Assuming the bike is for your Dad right? Well then, not a bad option!!) Not saying your Dad is a bad rider but its probably been a while that he's been on a bike and even though he might think he wouldn't need to re-learn any of his lost skills the truth us he will probably have a bit of a learning curve! 


    3. AVANTE


      That's a good way of looking at things! Impressive :D

      Last time he rode was nearly 2 years ago, and well he isn't the luckiest rider tbh but can manage. This bike is supposed to be like a weekend toy for him for short stints and backroads. I myself am trying to stop 2 wheelers and shift to cars itself for good as riding on a daily basis has scared me good.

      With outstation narrow roads and sometimes coupled with traffic and all, it's almost a dire necessity to have a bike. Can't take your car everywhere so easily and quickly. 

    4. Kavvz


      Absolutely! Riding on a daily basis is a bit hairy but there's nothing like being on a bike for the sense of freedom it gives! 

  5. It's a car with 4 wheels. That's the idea. What do you want to know?
  6. Also, stick to the Familia FB group. Some guys put up parts for sale there. BJ5P parts shouldn't be hard to find, it's the BF cars body parts that are starting to get uncommon.
  7. Congratulations on the 🦁 bro!

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    2. AVANTE


      @fiatfan have to get some pictures first after doing up the exterior and interior properly with some detailing 

    3. K.o.N.o.S


      Good choice..That's a fine looking car. Congratulations and you should dance to the song " I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa" Love the color.

    4. AVANTE


      Haha thanks @K.o.N.o.S! Funny thing, I saw your Lancer crawling in traffic in kandy the day we went to buy the car. 

  8. Check your power steering fluid quality and levels. When was it changed? Also check the steering pump. It should be either of these two.
  9. This is good to know. I guessed the market would come crashing down at some point soon enough. Good luck to those shady sale bayyas.
  10. I've noticed that the vehicles being inflated are the models that are still in production and were still being imported into the country before the ban, this includes minor facelift cars as well. (240s, A3s, Vezels, GP5 etc..) But the older models on the other hand are still at the same rate and in some cases, even cheaper..as people in the lower budgets (under 2.5 mil) have a higher possibility of confronting financial issues due to the aftermath of the pandemic, hence they are ready to sell as soon as possible. So people looking to buy decent mid range cars like the E46, FBs, AEs, GP1s, etc are safe. Just don't fall for the sellers baloney and statements like "import has stopped neh" don't apply to these models. This means, it's a good time for buyers in this category, as in one hand, loans are being given out at a good rate, and on the other, a considerable amount of people are desperate to sell. Latest model year Premio/allion/wagonR buyers on the other hand...well that's a whole different topic. Whoever thinks paying 12mil for a car riding a decade old platform with rear drum brakes is a good idea should be strangled, shot, hacked, burnt and thrown into meethotamulla along with the rest of the garbage this country doesn't have any use for anymore.
  11. By any chance @Luffytaro, do you have to contact details of Mr. Lalana? Do PM the details if possible, thanks in advance!
  12. My goodness that roller and its golden components did me good. Also I remember seeing a pic of the team of MG SVs in there. Such a sight.
  13. I second this. Unless it's worn out piston rings causing excessive blowby in the crankcase, the above minor things like soot buildup and PCV blockage can be the culprit. But oil coming out? You sure you haven't over filled your oil? Also how's the gasket?
  14. Guys.. What's the current 2020 situation with the galant sigmas? Seen a few rotten/scrapped cars. How's the parts availability now? Why don't these cool looking things get much recognition? 

  15. AVANTE

    Quick Trivia 3

    This is what the borgward badge adorns now? Eeya
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