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  1. Car has 2 worn out engine mounts. I'm gonna DIY the thing as the only trustworthy garage I know is very busy this week & we need to use the car alot too. People who have done it before, any specific precautions to take? (Aside from being patient & jacking up the oil pan with a wooden board?)

    1. Hyaenidae


      Find and read the workshop manual, it might have some model-specific precautions. The wooden board precaution is mentioned in my workshop manual too!


  2. Go for a slightly used Picanto? other than a bit of depreciation there is nothing to worry about (heck, most of the depreciation would have been absorbed by the first owner). Also, do a professional checkup at Kia, Carchecks, greasemonkey or any reputated service places for valuable peace of mind. Ask for service records too. Fiesta is a decent car, but the agent (Softlogic) has a bad reputation so you might run into headaches. I thought the Vitz & Raize would be the craze. But it seems the picanto is gaining lots of traction here now. Finally the koreans are respected here.

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Its a good car, but the F&F movies overhyped it to the point of unobtanium. You can have the same (if not, better) fun in a corvette or any true RWD sports car. The supra is a bloated GT car. If we come to the 2JZ heart let's face it, there are engines out there with similar strength/reliability records. Not like the 2jz is the only option. Heck 17.5m here gets you 2 ND miatas, Evo x final edition, R35 GTR, a nice late model BMW/Mercedes Coupe or even better: Six Honda S660s so everyone in the family can have the same sporty fun driving experience! I have no idea who in this island would pay that much for an old manual-tranny toyota, considering anyone with such money has way faster/modern/sharper/flashier options to go for.
  4. Talk about punctuality. Anyways, each letter has 9500 odd numbers starting from 0001. The reason as to why we only have 9500 odds instead of 9999 is because any number that totals to 13 including the number 0013 isn't issued. Example:- the number 6421 isn't issued because 6+4+2+1 = 13. You can get special numbers like 1010, 9999 or 5000 by paying an amount to the RMV and reserving that number.

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    In today's episode of 'Legends of 1KM4N'..Holy Moly I swear this thing was going for 7.6 million less just a few months back.
  6. Don't forget the Mazda Interplay cars. The glanza/starlets are perfect for ehat they do so an alternative isn' required (not easy to maintain those alternatives the same as a toyota either)

    SKODA to enter Sri Lankan market

    Hmm..well that's not simply clever.
  8. Wicked! That's like the mini's japanese cousin who failed college, a drug addict & is now a Yakuza member and up to no good. How hard is it to find parts for a 'DeTomaso' conversion? Wonder how many have gone around doing it. Still, nice car @john cooper

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    R.I.P (must really hurt when it breaks)
  10. AVANTE

    Kia Picanto 2012

    WagonR hybrid, swift (indian 2011 facelift), nissan march K12, toyota passo are within your budget and year range. If you really want a picanto, @kush can guide you through it A to Z.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Per your requirements, the Mitsubishi Lancer CS1, Corolla AE100/110, Vios & Sunny FB15 comes to mind. As this is your first car, take a friend/mechanic with you. When you find a car that has a good interior/exterior/suits your desire and if the price is according to the correct market value, then do a full professional check-up for that car (car checks, greasemonkey or at any reputable inspection/service center). There's a guide here in this forum on the topic of how to buy a used car. Read that. Listen for abnormal noises, check emissions report/service records & go for a test drive. Don't buy a car because the paint looks shiny or because the interior looks cleaner than your bedroom. Good luck on your purchase!
  12. AVANTE

    Toyota Axio Digital Meter

    @Suar.t have any ideas on this topic?
  13. AVANTE

    Kia Picanto 2012

    They are reliable & pretty basic cars. Although parts won't be a problem, almost everything has to be bought from the agents and that could be costlier than a similar hatchback like a vitz or swift. If that's your concern, a toyota/nissan/suzuki is a better choice. Didn't you try searching the forums? The picanto has been discussed before.
  14. AVANTE

    Toyota Aqua Airbag Ribbon Replace

    Sorry, I don't. Which area are you from btw? Someone else in the forum can surely recommend a good place though.
  15. AVANTE

    Toyota Aqua Airbag Ribbon Replace

    I think you meant multifunctional. Did they do an ECU scan? You'll have to spend upwards of 15,000/= for the ribbon itself, depending on where you buy the part.