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  1. Ane what to do. Just have to put a mask and sit. Threewheeler and any other vehicle cant go fast in traffic unless driver is a yobo. So its practically safe. Uda rata is nice but also stinks sometimes.
  2. These petrol powered classics which might be appreciating in value, will end up obsolete in another 5 or 6 decades. Not sure if that will mean a decrease in value, maybe they will still be worth as million dollar museum show pieces. Whats the main difference between a 250k dollars auction grade E30 M3 and a few thousand bucks worth 325i? Its the heart that powers it. The welds, springs, discs, rims, braces are all tiny things relative to the engine. Yes there is a difference in the driving experience regardless of the engine but its the engine and heritage that has priced it so high. Not every classic appreciates because of the engine only, but the ones fetching crazy prices usually do either for rarity/heritage, or for the powerplant even if the chassis is almost the same (Twin Turbo Supra > NA Supra/AE86 > AE85/MG-A TwinCam > MG-A 1500/ Boss 429 > Boss 302) So I wonder how the market will react to the later model classics, the ones that would have just started to appreciate by then (think cars from 2000 - 2015). So in the meantime, these EV conversion kits would be a great way to keep the classics we love, on the road! I know a few people who are reluctant to sell their family Morrises and Wolseleys as their grandparents were the 1st owner. Not all classics will end up appreciating to a worthy amount (eg:- Fuego, Allegro, A40, 304). So for such owners who love their car regardless of community perception, lack of appreciation, etc.. These kits would be a blessing. Not gonna lie, even I'd wanna get one a decade or so after I find a damn project car, which is proving impossible in this damn country, given the damn circumstances, damn it.
  3. N series engines are trash. I'd say OP should try a pre-facelift car with the M43 engine. But it would be better if he could find a 6 cyl model. Those are thirsty but reliable. E46 won't handle neglect. They need. maintenance and owners should learn about them and the common issues they come with (mainly the plastic cooling system components of the Mseries engines and things like rust and fuel pump giving up.
  4. Left field suggestion: The E70 X5. The 2009 & 2010 model years are very solid, well equipped as well. The ones that came before 2009 had engine head problems (I cant seem to remember exactly but it has to do with the VANOS/Valve lifters and its expensive) and the ones after 2010 are facelift and complex. There was one for sale a few months back asking 6 mil. White car, rwd and having the N52 3L inline 6 engine which is the most reliable engine option available for that generation of X5. But it had a shot out TC module and a leaking rad which the owner had trouble sorting out due to the restricted imports and financial situation. Last I checked he got a customer so not sure if its still there. Good car but rare to find in lanka. But I hope you have already acknowledged, "Most reliable BMW" is a relative term and doesn't mean it will be simple and reliable like a jap vehicle. It still has issues like interior trims peeling off, breaking, suspension parts taking a hike, sensors giving out, seals giving up and letting oil leak from every orifice. I say, get an E46. Keep a minimum of 150 - 200k for any nasty surprises during initial ownership. Look for a car with service records. Get a professional inspection from car checks or the agents (Prestige). Do some preventive maintenance with a good specialist shop like Milroy or Ultimate Motor works (I think Berlin Motor works is also good) after buying (mainly seals related and try to sort out major electronic issues if any, also be mindful of rust). Nice looking car, holds value really well, great to drive, easy to work on and alot of information is available on the internet about fixing, modifying and maintaining them. A guy I know got lucky, sold his E36 318i and got himself an E46 328i last month and I think he might end up forgetting his girlfriend judging by the amount of pictures he uploads daily. You will still get that BMW prestige and also, you can keep the remaining 2 - 3 million in the bank. Buy a suit, a nice pair of shades, a good detailing session for the car, a nice set of exhausts and some M-tech accessories, some yoga classes, a night out with the wife or family, an investment maybe? After all, who doesn't like saving a bit of money?
  5. Found this Austin FX4/Fairway (London cab) near my area. How did a London cab end up here? Anyone got any origin stories about these cars in lanka? Original owner died years ago. And it's sitting in someone's property. No engine either. @Sylvi

    Quick Trivia 3

    My my aren't you a bit too quick haha. That's why I edited it as soon as I saw the next page😁

    Quick Trivia 3

    Whats the reason for sale? Going for something fancier? BTW how's the interior build quality over time? Does it rattle?

    Quick Trivia 3

    For a second I thought this was the Mark X and was gonna comment but then there's an entire threads worth of activity already on the next page lol.

    Quick Trivia 3

    Ahh advertising skill : 100% In all Seriousness though, I like the Ciaz. So comfy. Wonder how the longetivity is. Sad it never caught on.
  10. Oh yes yes. The president, fuga.. And even the baba Teana. Lots of options. Depends on owners taste and pocket depth.
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