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  1. Read a very recent news article about a Mercedes G-wagen that went up in flames in the parking lot of a mall in UAE, killing 2 toddlers in the process.

    As horrifying as it sounds, I'm curious to know whats up with these modern euro luxo barges going up in flames every now in a while. Inside Edition did a video a long time ago, on several BMWs going up in flames while being parked.

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    2. □AVANTE□


      If so, how could such events keep occuring more than twice? Shouldn't they try to match their japanese rivals atleast in this critical section? Are they this hell bent on making profits? 

    3. vag2


      Good question...actually the market of these  capacitors used on the power lines is almost exclusively held by Japanese suppliers like Murata, TDK. Maybe Japanese car makers do not use them because they know better about the weaknesses of their own suppliers..

    4. □AVANTE□


      Stupid & sad really for what the world has come to