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    When you see someone with the same car as you and you flash your light & honk but they ignore

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  1. Seeing how vezels can be had for 3.6mil and xtrails for under 5 mil. I think it's safe to say modern cars are now glorified electronic appliances


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    2. alpha17


      Anyway, there are some car electronics which are really useful when you get used to them. Some of them are not that useful, in-fact, they just ruin the experience.

      I find the Smart Key system in the Toyota(there are slight differences from other manufacturers) very useful. I don’t need to pull out the key at all. Then the adjustable lumbar support. It seems like just another marketing gimmick, but it really help me in long journeys, as it rectifies the back pain occurred during long journeys. The park sensors, adaptive high beam, adaptive cruise control(if highway travel is frequent) are useful in day to day driving, specially in long journeys. Another thing is the reverse tilting side mirrors.

    3. tiv


      +reverse cameras for larger vehicles like pickups and SUVs

    4. iRage


      Toyota smart keys....oh boy...they got good only after huge huge huge pain the ass type failures....again..look through one of my old post where I talked about how my kid got locked in thanks to the Toyota smart key. When it first started coming out (12-15 years ago) it was a stupid key. But yes...now they have improved a lot