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    When you see someone with the same car as you and you flash your light & honk but they ignore

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  1. Are there any sports cars/supercar owners in autolanka or are they not exclusive enough to join the AL club?:jumping-smiley-001:

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    2. Davy


      @AVANTE, I'm not sure of the MotorMag part but yes that's him. 

    3. alpha17


      Yes, I remember there was a few owners in here, and just like they said, most of them are silent. I agree with you AVANTE. Now most people are going for sports cars or super cars just to show off, but not to enjoy. It seems that the window we had to enjoy driving has certainly narrowed during the past few years. Now the roads are flooding with tuk-tuks, WagonRs, Altos and of course Scooters driven by ladies(Those ladies always twist the accelerator to the max when something happens and ends up climbing lamp posts and trees with the scooty) which reduces those moments to enjoy driving. I mean with this amount of vehicles, there is no point of owning a supercar without a place to floor the throttle...It’s pathetic

    4. □AVANTE□


      @alpha17 Not just supercars..buying anything with 2 doors seems like a bad idea these days. Seeing all the S660, copens & RX8s up for sale for months with no caring owners to take them home. Even in my life, everyone around me talks about anything & everything thats not a car, which makes me a weirdo.

      And like you said..the road is flooded with 2-wheeled/4-wheeled 'appliances' that depreciate like heck..so no one appreciates a good car anymore.