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  1. Saw a 2001 Volvo S60 for sale. Owner says '450,000/- worth of repairs done on gearbox, wiring, suspension, etc... and that due to an ABS modulator issue & money urgency, he has reduced around 400,000/- more from the original price...Ouch, poor wallet.

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    2. □AVANTE□



       'good condition' 

      'Immediate sale!'

      I don't understand what you're talking about. Yeah it doesnt have a signal light & cracked seats with a cheap crap steering cover. My plan to use it like a japanese vehicle has backfired...but hey, it is in good condition & for immediate sale!! Good no? What more do you want in life?!?!?!😲


      BTW if you love euros...may I suggest a W124 E-class? Bulletproof cars, fun to travel in (Even the backseats were an awesome experience!). Also, respect is a standard option of the car. The last generation of good-to-own mercs before they became electronic headaches whose repair bills shadowed the true value of the car.

    3. alpha17


      W124 is one of the most over-engineered cars in history. But my all-time favourite id the W140 S class in a black paint without any modifications, which has that unbeatable “mafia boss” look😁

      Most probably that euro would be a W211 (which are not as reliable as the pre 1995 models) or W212 (reliable, but have to pay around 10million for the face-lifted version, which has the best look for a Merc ever!). The f10 520d is also a car that catches my eye, but famous for the timing chain issue, So If I have around 8million, my choice would be a W212 pre-facelift + Chevy Cruze or a Swift (Jeep model😅) for round the town driving.

      For that Volvo, listed for 975,000, I think the whole body has to be replaced😬

    4. □AVANTE□


      W212? Reliable? Really?

      It does look cool, agreed. But I can never stop myself from looking at a W205 C-class, it's so beautiful.

      BTW, if you are going for the swift:

      Aim for the zuki if you want a slightly better resale and easier to find body parts. Chevy is like 200k cheaper I think in the 2nd hand market. Also make sure you check the suspension & steering setup as those are 'relatively' the most prone to failure. I say relatively because it's a reliable gadget after all.