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  1. □AVANTE□

    Soltron Ezi badu

    So today I was going through the papers & there was an advertisment & article on the 'overdrive' page (sunday times) about another Soltron product. Now the fuel treatment liquid has mixed reviews from various people (I put some in my FZ and obviously can't notice any difference). Its called EZI oil that reduces wear & tear of metal parts like pistons, bearings, shafts, gears, etc. by 71% & increases power by 3% & fuel economy by 4%. To back it up, the King fahd university in saudi had done tests & came up with those numbers + this is popular in the middle-east due to the intense temperatures there & some generators were run non-stop for 10-15 hours daily as a testament. Now my question: Is this another pointless thing/Scam? We have giants like Shell & Mobil1 on the forefront of frictionless technology so what are these guys even thinking? Of course it would be nice we had near-perfect frictionless engines that go on forever but no way a company called 'Soltron' is getting there first. But if that was the case how come these guys are still in the market?
  2. □AVANTE□

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    What about a 2007/2008 Toyota Vitz with 8 airbags? Can get a good one for under 2.8 million. It's a no frills, decent, economical car that won't bite and it has good resale value. Our old one never gave any trouble & was just a good little car that never misbehaved and can get you from A to B with trust
  3. □AVANTE□

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Ah! Thanks for the abbreviation knowledge! The pioneers around here are obvious fakes but they seem nice. We'll see this coming week
  4. □AVANTE□

    Best Car Management Application?

    Try Drivvo - Car Management (for maintenance) Car Scanner ELM OBD2 by 0vz is also good! Sorry for the late reply & sorry that I can't find an app which includes both
  5. □AVANTE□

    Upcoming drag racing event

    Cool! Which class & which ride are you rocking for the event??
  6. □AVANTE□

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Someone's from 2050
  7. □AVANTE□

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Yup you're right about the exhaust, no point in cheaping out on that one. If sound was what I was after, could just go for a 'beet barrel' & have fun with the police lol. For the airbox, do you recommend a K&N drop-in filter or a CAI setup? For the budget, have to start slow!
  8. □AVANTE□

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Thanks for the warning, not just for exhaust but for all mods too! 2 of my friends, one with a hornet 250 w/ mildy loud WRS exhausts & another with a Hilux 107 w/guardrails had problems with the cops too!
  9. □AVANTE□

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Thr airbox is the only mod I want to do for now but that would require a ECU remap/tune right? Also can I get a used WEPR or Jasma muffler/Catback anywhere here (maybe nugegoda or panchikawatte?)
  10. □AVANTE□

    Digital speed on premio 2018 display

    No, only fuel economy, mileage & that sort of stuff.
  11. □AVANTE□

    Good engine oil brand for Toyota AE110

    Obviously the best brands are Mobil1, Shell & Genuine Toyota oil, but if you are looking for a bit less expensive option, Caltex Havoline is good too!
  12. So I finally got the time to do a proper write up about our new car which we bought happily & with confidence thanks to the valuable members in Autolanka as we avoided around 20 crapboxes along the way thanks to the advice you guys offered! (I promise that's not an advertisement lol) It is a 2008 Indian model, so no use in comparing with a jap model but this one gets better fuel economy (around 14 or 15kmpl outstation) & the manual version doesn't ruin the resale value like a japanese vehicle because it's the only transmission available, so YAY! It has a 1.3L 85hp engine with 5-speed stick along with a new battery & clutch! The ZXi is a bit uncommon compared to the base VXi thats seen around here. So the ZXi has ABS, multifunction steering wheel, standard alloy wheels, keyless trunk access, Seatbelt adjuster, climate control with LCD screen and the ZXi badge which adds 5hp & 2Nm. Overall a pretty basic car but very fun to drive! Gearbox is smooth & precise, steering feel is good & it's nice to take on corners with this thing! (comparing to the wagonR, Vezel, Yaris & other cars with vague-feeling electronic steering setups that I have driven before), body roll is minimal & engine is very smooth and quiet too! We hit 120kmh while going through Kumbukwewa and it was really stable. Only wish for this car is that it had a better sound like the ZC31S sport version! Only gripe for now is to change the old standard radio unit to something like a pioneer setup & the S badge on the steering wheel has lost its color and is as yellow as my grandpa's teeth. Should I cover it up with a silver vinyl or paint it?
  13. □AVANTE□

    Regarding audi A1 and Q 2

    They are pretty good and I haven't heard of any complaints so far. A1s are so cheap now (reconditioned) but both models have dual-clutch gearboxes which are a bit hard to use in Srilanka compared to other gearboxes (no slow creeping allowed!). As with any germans, go for them only if you know how to maintain them or have experience maintaining them!
  14. □AVANTE□

    Grey dust-like substance under the gear lever

    Could it be something else too??
  15. I opened the gear lever cover and found that there is some grey dust like stuff spread around the area and on the base of the lever rod. Is this from the degrading faux-leather cover or something else??