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  1. Seeing how vezels can be had for 3.6mil and xtrails for under 5 mil. I think it's safe to say modern cars are now glorified electronic appliances


    1. alpha17


      Well that's a question I'm unable to answer. The two cars selected are famous for some inherent issues and expensive replacements. Like I said, the gearbox issue of the X-Trail and early replacement of the dual clutch pack of the Vezel. And you should not forget fact that both of them are hybrids, which further accelerates the depreciation of value. Even the prices of Prius, Aqua and Axio Hybrid are gone down by significant amounts. 

      But I think what you are trying to say is that too many electronics are bringing out questionable reliability to modern vehicles. Yes, but no... We can't go any further in motoring without adding those electronics.


    2. matroska


      Vezel 3.6 ? Really?  Must be a rather hacked specimen - usually vezel goes for around 4 and above unless it's a mess doesn't it?  No idea about the XTrail tho - one more thing we forget is the fact people are now used to buying b/new or unreg than used so anyway resale is not as easy as it was before. It's high time we accept that cars are no longer appreciating assets no one would buy a Vezel for around 5 Mill cos they will somehow try to stretch that budget and get a new Vitara or so. Even the rock solid 141's go for a little above 2.5 now despite being bullet proof. 

  2. □AVANTE□

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    so those people who say 'no major accidents' are actually people who ended up killing squirrels?
  3. □AVANTE□

    Honda Fit GD1

    Yes! This was that article I read a long time ago! I guess the GD1 might be our next car (if we sell the swift that is). Thanks guys!
  4. □AVANTE□

    Honda Fit GD1

    @alpha17 early GP1 had oil burning issues, true. But what's with the 'expensive maintenance' on GD1? I mean it is a basic car with a 1.3L engine & a slushbox. Right?
  5. □AVANTE□

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Nobody: Dudes with wrx & evos:
  6. □AVANTE□

    Honda Fit GD1

    Such a nice car & I have heard lots of praise for its driving feel & economy. Looks funky too especially with a spoiler and some nice rims. Heard/read about some sort of issue with the auto-gearbox, something regarding the oil or maintenance but can't exactly remember what. Also people say it's expensive to maintain. Is that compared to the others in this segment (glanza, K12, Passo, swift) or is it really expensive to maintain? Thanks in advance!
  7. □AVANTE□

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    j********i charged us 75k for our old stingray covered 3.4mil. Curious..will insurance be the same/slightly higher for an evo 4 valued at probably 2.8mil when compared with the CS Lancer valued at almost the same price. Or is there a skyhigh difference?
  8. □AVANTE□

    Why does this happen to mirrors?

    Thanks for that info! Really impressed by the abundance of knowledge around here. Now I can impress a date with my knowledge on rear-view mirrors! jk, It seems to exist inside the mirror. Can't feel a thing when you touch it. The same material is there on RHS rear-view mirror but a bit whitish too. It seems to be inside the mirror so that won't do!
  9. Are there any sports cars/supercar owners in autolanka or are they not exclusive enough to join the AL club?:jumping-smiley-001:

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    2. Davy


      @AVANTE, I'm not sure of the MotorMag part but yes that's him. 

    3. alpha17


      Yes, I remember there was a few owners in here, and just like they said, most of them are silent. I agree with you AVANTE. Now most people are going for sports cars or super cars just to show off, but not to enjoy. It seems that the window we had to enjoy driving has certainly narrowed during the past few years. Now the roads are flooding with tuk-tuks, WagonRs, Altos and of course Scooters driven by ladies(Those ladies always twist the accelerator to the max when something happens and ends up climbing lamp posts and trees with the scooty) which reduces those moments to enjoy driving. I mean with this amount of vehicles, there is no point of owning a supercar without a place to floor the throttle...It’s pathetic

    4. □AVANTE□


      @alpha17 Not just supercars..buying anything with 2 doors seems like a bad idea these days. Seeing all the S660, copens & RX8s up for sale for months with no caring owners to take them home. Even in my life, everyone around me talks about anything & everything thats not a car, which makes me a weirdo.

      And like you said..the road is flooded with 2-wheeled/4-wheeled 'appliances' that depreciate like heck..so no one appreciates a good car anymore.

  10. □AVANTE□

    Why does this happen to mirrors?

    What's with the weird black sludge-like pattern around the mirrors border? Its there on the rear view mirror. Is there a fix for it? Or is replacement the solution?
  11. Saw a 2001 Volvo S60 for sale. Owner says '450,000/- worth of repairs done on gearbox, wiring, suspension, etc... and that due to an ABS modulator issue & money urgency, he has reduced around 400,000/- more from the original price...Ouch, poor wallet.

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    2. □AVANTE□



       'good condition' 

      'Immediate sale!'

      I don't understand what you're talking about. Yeah it doesnt have a signal light & cracked seats with a cheap crap steering cover. My plan to use it like a japanese vehicle has backfired...but hey, it is in good condition & for immediate sale!! Good no? What more do you want in life?!?!?!😲


      BTW if you love euros...may I suggest a W124 E-class? Bulletproof cars, fun to travel in (Even the backseats were an awesome experience!). Also, respect is a standard option of the car. The last generation of good-to-own mercs before they became electronic headaches whose repair bills shadowed the true value of the car.

    3. alpha17


      W124 is one of the most over-engineered cars in history. But my all-time favourite id the W140 S class in a black paint without any modifications, which has that unbeatable “mafia boss” look😁

      Most probably that euro would be a W211 (which are not as reliable as the pre 1995 models) or W212 (reliable, but have to pay around 10million for the face-lifted version, which has the best look for a Merc ever!). The f10 520d is also a car that catches my eye, but famous for the timing chain issue, So If I have around 8million, my choice would be a W212 pre-facelift + Chevy Cruze or a Swift (Jeep model😅) for round the town driving.

      For that Volvo, listed for 975,000, I think the whole body has to be replaced😬

    4. □AVANTE□


      W212? Reliable? Really?

      It does look cool, agreed. But I can never stop myself from looking at a W205 C-class, it's so beautiful.

      BTW, if you are going for the swift:

      Aim for the zuki if you want a slightly better resale and easier to find body parts. Chevy is like 200k cheaper I think in the 2nd hand market. Also make sure you check the suspension & steering setup as those are 'relatively' the most prone to failure. I say relatively because it's a reliable gadget after all.

  12. □AVANTE□

    Battery problem on cold mornings!

    Right..new battery then. The pattern here is that it dies every cold morning, obviously. Also are all brands of batts the same or any considerable difference in quality?
  13. □AVANTE□

    Battery problem on cold mornings!

    Our 2008 swift was sitting idle for 3 or 4 days but it did start all right in the afternoon. But next morning, around 4:45am, I try to start it but on the first turn of the starter the battery just went flat. I charged it, and it was in working order for a week..when another morning (5:30am) it struggles to start but somehow started. Later that day in the afternoon when I was using the climate control with the engine off for like 3 minutes, the battery died. Jump started it and got it working again..4 days later I jokingly told my brother that the car won't start the next morning & alas, that's what happened (today morning 4:30am) the battery went flat on the first turn and the dashboard lights were fluctuating, I switched it off immediately. The internet says cold weather plays havoc on an old battery (our battery looks old but not sure how many years old) & that it is time to change the battery..the green indicator is there as well. When attempting to start, you could hear the motor slowly turning over. So hopefully no problems with that. So is it time for a new battery or is something seriously wrong?
  14. □AVANTE□

    Engine sound after 2800rpm

    When ever I rev our 1300cc swift past 2.8k rpm it starts making a 'continuous high pitched whoosh' sound..something like a thousand samurais slicing the air with their katanas or something. Jokes aside, The sound would increase with the revs and when i drop the accelerator immediately, it would make a whoosh sound again and just idle normally. Note that it is not a squeak as those usually originate from the timing/serpentine belt. It seems to be coming from the intake plenum. Mileage is 100k , oil changed recently, timing belt changed an year ago, new gasket as well. I have to take this thing on a long trip in 3 days so for peace of mind I need some advice. Thanks in advance!
  15. □AVANTE□

    Used car/suv around 4.0 to 4.5 million

    Try to avoid the Vezel & Grace *if* possible due to their DCT issues. Old Rav4s had low fuel economy. Maybe 2008s have better economy. As an SUV buyer, you shouldn't expect more than 7kmpl in city & 9-10 outstation. Ask @iRage for more info on SUVS. Allion is a good choice but no road presence of course, they are so common. Tucson & Sorento are reliable, have decent pulling power & good features but not sure of spare part costs/maintenance though it shouldn't be that bad. If nothing else succeeds, go the Toyota way (compromising exclusivity ofc)..