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  1. □AVANTE□

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Americans be like: "What is this pleasure that you speak of?" Felt sad seeing a video of a 2.4L Lancer GT by RegularCarReviews and they just laugh about it and say "it's good enough for everyday use" and kill it like that. Also, has anyone done a Lancer Evo X conversion yet here in lanka or is it too expensive that no one considers it? @firstgear congrats on your upcoming ride! The swift is suzuki's best hatchback, or else how come they be selling it for 2 decades with so much success. It has both racing & cargills shopping pedigree. So, Happy motoring!
  2. Guys, out of curiosity. What's wrong with the Kia soul? They are available around the 2.5 mil mark, looks handsome, decently equipped and with a 1.6 engine. Yet no one talks about them or recommends them. Whats up?
  3. □AVANTE□

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    NANI?!??! Debris dorifto?? Whether you got a turbo or NA..it doesn't matter at the moment when a dog, debris or a threewheeler jumps in the middle of a corner here in SL (like 11:30). Sad but true @matroska why is srilanka still so obsessed with the less practical sedan when manufacturers are phasing them out for crossovers? Also, when the question said "swift boosterjet" , I thought he was trying to buy the 1.4 boosterjet sport.
  4. □AVANTE□

    Why Honda?

    @kmeegOff roading is fun in any capable 4x4! You don't mind a dull engine note, lack of sport mode, soft steering, beige interior, or body roll when off roading because the fun is in tackling the obstacles and finding new roads. Also, that's a nice pic of you & your 4Runner!
  5. □AVANTE□

    Why Honda?

    As everyone has summed up here. I'm just gonna add this: In my life, alot of people who drive a modern Toyota are boring. They are the sort of chaps who go "son, stop blabbering about cars..god will provide, you go study hard" during weddings and reunions. They are the first to discuss politics & finances in any conversation and when asked on why they chose a toyota, they look at you as if you asked them permission to shoot their pet dog and then go on to blabber about "fuel economy, resale, higher studies, government conspiracy theories, diabetes, etc.." (People who are excluded are those who are stuck with it due to financial/other reasons. Also Starlets/Old toyotas are more involving to drive) Honda drivers though, they be a funny species. Socially they may be unique one way or another and not everyone will like them, but they are active, are involved with trends & can be open minded. Who else would readily & knowingly buy a car that has a potential gearbox issue which costs a few hundred thousands for the sake of it? P.S: All cars are good in one aspect or another so please don't stab me.
  6. When the ignition switch is turned on, the airbag light blinks 6 times and switches off. Internet tells me I need to get it diagnosed. Is it something related to connection or sensors? It's a bit scary tbh. Thanks in advance!
  7. □AVANTE□

    Help: C# is killing me

    I'm using 2015. I'll try this and let you know! Thanks again!
  8. □AVANTE□

    Help: C# is killing me

    Thanks for the info everyone! I was ill these few days & had a bad sprain, have to try the solutions now. Also, about the connection string @Davy, is there any chance the application could start with a misguided string? I'm a noob so still figuring things out. Pressing the 'service based database' button in 'new item' is enough to bring about the warning.
  9. □AVANTE□

    Help: C# is killing me

    This message box comes up everytime I try to create or access a database. Tried stackexchange & even one of my lecturers went blank seeing it. Tried re-installing visual studio and that didn't help either. Can anyone here lend a hand? Thanks in advance!
  10. □AVANTE□

    About insurance coverage

    In Sri lanka, what would happen if your car is involved in an accident and it's difficult/impossible to find parts for it? If you drive some old rare japanese model and you still can't find body parts for it even after several months of searching, will the insurance compamy write the car off or take some other course of action?
  11. That's one nice lady! Congrats!
  12. Also does the E-brake even engage in motion? I was told that the Vezel E-brake won't activate in motion. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. □AVANTE□

    What to buy within 5 - 6 mil range..???

    Typical belief: Super petrol = Super performance, neh? My old maths sir used to pump 95 in his 110cc scooter saying it increases mileage & performance. Can't lecture my maths sir now can I?
  14. □AVANTE□

    Suzuki Every Join turbo 2018

    The every has an Automatic transmission, not CVT. So ATF is what you want.
  15. □AVANTE□

    Which one is the best (kia or hyundai)

    Oops..sorry,wrong petrolhead. It was @kush, I just checked! Also the fuel economy is not best in class either.