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    When you see someone with the same car as you and you flash your light & honk but they ignore

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  1. □AVANTE□

    Honda Vezel 2014

    The key fob battery is low and needs to be replaced. I suggest you do that as quickly as possible. A dead key is no fun. Congrats on your purchase!
  2. □AVANTE□

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Wait a minute...this is impossible..you can't possibly be referring to..our very own dank meme lord?
  3. □AVANTE□

    Toyota Raize

    Lol, RIP Vitara, you will be missed. Meanwhile, is the DCT truly a lost cause in srilanka? Aside from creeping in traffic & stalling in hills, haven't the public/agents/shops learnt a thing or two on how to properly maintain them? There are tons of DCT cars, ranging from hatchbacks to supercars in sri lanka, surely there must be a non-scary way to ownership for future owners? Also, if I was in your place and was settling down & wanted to shed a car, I'd go for a nice little weekend car for the sunset drives, special days, racing meets & what not. Just saying.
  4. □AVANTE□

    Toyota Raize

    Ah! So what I have been facing a few months back was this 'peer pressure' except not for the raize, but to go back to a rattly old crapbox. Isn't the vitz & raize a bit similar to each other? Also, why even buy another crossover when you already have one, right?
  5. □AVANTE□

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Pardon me, but who is this unholy tapping of the female rear end 'OneShot' you speak of?
  6. □AVANTE□

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    Do evo X owners really go through the hassle of all this? I just recalled a racing engineer telling me they use avgas in their rally going Evos but hard to think the average street folk would go through the same.
  7. □AVANTE□

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    My wisdom has been increased... But this leads back to the original question by @K.o.N.o.S..."how are those evos running around without a ruined engine"?
  8. □AVANTE□

    Toyota Raize

    Seriously though, jokes aside, as I'm not a colombo/city person I have to ask: you mentioned 'sold the vitz due to peer pressure'..is that an actual thing in those sides?
  9. □AVANTE□

    How can I import a Ram 1500 Limited 5.7 Hemi?

    I have seen a GMC pickup, an F150 raptor, two hellcats, an old Lincoln TownCar, a C6 Corvette convertible, some Camaros & some Chevy Tahoe hybrids here. So yeah, @fiat fan..how deep are your pockets?
  10. □AVANTE□

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    That's what, could be a legit lover. Also, GTRs are overrated. Too large and use up too much fuel. A threewheel can lane split and carry 4 people like a GTR, but with way less hassle! If GTRs were so good, PickMe drivers would be using them now.
  11. □AVANTE□

    Toyota Raize

  12. □AVANTE□

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    When GTR is bae
  13. □AVANTE□

    How can I import a Ram 1500 Limited 5.7 Hemi?

    That's one darn fine interior..and look at that tesla like infotainment unit! Dodge is upping their game it seems.
  14. □AVANTE□

    Best car for 4.5 M

    Yup, sabir mohammed. Quite a rare one too! Also, I second that manual cars are now rare. Almost none for sale, especially no GX90s for sale. The BEAMS must be a treat! Nice to hear that mark IIs are getting the love they deserve!
  15. □AVANTE□

    Best car for 4.5 M

    Wait wait wait...tourer V conversions are a thing is lanka??? Damn, I thought car culture is dying in sri lanka. A guy offered a good condition GX100 with a manual for 1.6mil which was a steal and my dad initially wanted to buy a mark II as he has owned & driven Cressidas & Coronas in the past, but the potential difficulty in finding some specific parts scared us off as my dad wasn't the sort of person who'd buy a car just to spend time in a garage. I'd always wonder if cars like this would still be sought after due to the prevailing traffic & fuel prices in sri lanka. There's this Chaser Avante (inspiration for my username) near my area and that thing is wicked! Burnouts, drags, what not.