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  1. Hello everyone im new to this forum and this is my first post..this is my problem I bought a 1971 toyota corona mark 2 and it was in the running condition when i take it home although i could change only to 2nd gear 5th gear and the reverse. After i came home somehow by driving after 3 week when i checked Back none of the gears are working not even the 2nd 5th or reverse which worked earlier. The stick is completely stucked. I still did not start restoring the car..before i do off frame restoration i need your thoughts why the gears are not working. Is it a major issue which is hard to repair? Cant it be a issue with clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch cable or linkage? Or something more serious with the gears. Fyi gears are not working either in the engine start mode or off mode. Thanks.
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