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  1. Greetings to all Honda lovers, I wish to by a Honda CRV 2007 or 2008 model. Yet, I found that there are 3 engine types namely 2000cc,2200cc and 2450cc(2500cc). Which is better in terms of comfort,maintainance and fuel effeciency. And do I need to look for anything specific (factory faults or failures) Pls guide Thanks in advance
  2. Chanu D

    408 & 407

    Thanks gents for your time and feedback.. I shall look something like a mazda... i Had an axela... that i loved.. probably Mazda is a better way forward. Many Thanks
  3. Chanu D

    408 & 407

    Many Thanks for your feedback, i had a 406 and got really fed up keeping it up and moved to Japanese. Yet always loved the pleasure of driving peugeot. Hence thought of looking at Peugeot options where there is less hassle in maintaining. Running costs are okay but issues like IC (Circuit issues) etc are scary ones. If 408 is Chinese. Dont think i would prefer that. Will you be able to share your thoughts on the 407? basically if its a failure car and often break downs etc (if you take overall ) I know the malabe place I was wandering if there is a place in moratuwa area since its easy to take for repairs. Many Thanks for the time you took to reply to me
  4. Dear All, I intend to buy a a C 180 2002 diesel (2200cc) or C 180 2001 Petrol(2000 cc) Pls advice what is the best buy in terms of pleasure and maintenance wise Also if there is a good garage to recommend in the vicinity of Moratuwa Many thanks in advance
  5. Chanu D

    408 & 407

    I intend to buy a Peugeot either a 407 or 408 2013 or 2014 Pls lets me know if those cars are failures or better buys and which model is better and hassle free Also if you all can recommend me a good Peugeot garage in the vicinity of Moratuwa
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