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  1. Dee Jay

    Toyota VIOS side mirror

    check Wijerama area and panchikawatta.. there are many recon parts shops in both areas where you can find the glass (or the full mirror)
  2. Dee Jay

    Honda Civic FD3

    Yes the IMA systems are not identical to each other. What they do is dismantle battery packs from other models and get the cells to rebuild the battery pack of the civic.
  3. Dee Jay

    Honda Civic FD3

    I have a 2007 FD3 and when I bought it 3 years back it's battery had been replaced by the previous owner with cells from Insight. It is running fine up to now and after talking to some guys at Stafford it seems that NiMH battery cells are common for IMA equipped models. So battery cells from Insight, GP1, Fit Shuttle etc.seems to be compatible with the Civic. Like alpha17 mentioned the car is a bargain for the price with the options and comfort. Agree with alpha17, if you are not planning to use it for long commutes my advise would be to stay away from the FD3 and go for a FD1, FD4 or the Lancer EX as without long commutes there's pretty much no use in owning any hybrid! (no fuel savings but battery replacement cost after the battery deteriorates)
  4. Dee Jay

    GP1 power window

    Hi, I own a Civic FD3 and it is the same in my car. It is mentioned in the owner's manual that the driver side power window will remain active for about 10 minutes after the car is switched off. And like you said if you open the driver door then it will automatically deactivate. However, you are only allowed to open the window and you are not able to close it during this time. Have to turn the car on to close the window again though. This comes in handy if you are staying inside the car on a hot day after turning it off lol