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  1. Dee Jay

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Great to hear the car is back! I haven't done any big accident repairs but have done a few panel paintings. And I haven't been satisfied with any of them either (haven't done one at the agents nor VT..C). When I see little imperfections I get them to rectify them before getting the car back. Mostly the painters and tinkers will try to say everything is perfect and that there's nothing wrong and all (trying to hide their incompetence and poor quality) To be honest I expected V..C to do a better job than that considering you have paid a hefty amount for the job
  2. Dee Jay

    Premio 260 2013

    If the mileage is accurate then be gentle when driving the car in bad roads and over railway tracks, humps etc. to avoid deteriorating the suspension components quickly You can get them inspected from a qualified mechanic. Usually they lift the car up and do the diagnosis and do a test drive as well. While you are at it just check on the condition of shocks and shock mounts as well just to be on the safe side. You can get a basic idea on how to check them through this video.
  3. Dee Jay

    Premio 260 2013

    Are you sure of the mileage of the car?? 38,000km seems too early to have suspension problems unless you drive frequently on bad roads or you drive ignoring the imperfections of the road! As per the front suspension noises it could come from a range of bushings, steering rack itself, CV joints etc. Since you have checked with a mechanic did he check all the bushings, rack ends, tie rod ends, lower arm bushes, CV joints and the steering rack?
  4. Dee Jay

    Japanese Car News

    Yes, I'm pretty sure when it is available for purchase, our car sales guys would bid crazy amounts for this resulting in higher CIFs and consequently attracting luxury tax as well
  5. Dee Jay

    Japanese Car News

    Vezel and CHR is almost the same in terms of size. So, this should ideally be smaller than both I guess
  6. I think the 1000CC Civic is subject to this luxury tax as the CIF is above LKR 35 Lakhs! Vitara might also fall under the same. Ironically, slightly used models might not be subject to this tax!
  7. Dee Jay

    FD1 Vs GP1

    Well, I would agree with @matroska on GP1 being a very practical and economical car. The oil burning issue can be permanently fixed by replacing the faulty parts with the ones carrying the new design (the particular thread in AutoLanka has all the info you need ). And the GP1 being a hybrid with Honda's IMA system it is a fairly simple hybrid system and comparatively less issues. Even the batteries have held up pretty well when compared to their Toyota counterparts (Aquas). I myself is an owner of a 12 year old Civic FD3 for the past 3 years and haven't had any issues with regard to the hybrid system (the previous owner had replaced the hybrid battery prior to selling the car). If your heart is sealed for an FD1 go for it as it will put a smile on your face when your behind the wheel You might want to consider the FD3 as it offers a mix of both worlds. Don't expect it to be quick as a FD1 but, it is no slouch either. The car carries a combined output of 110hp which is equal to a NA 1.5l gasoline engine and the electric torque would give you quick acceleration. (the hybrid battery should be in good health though otherwise the petrol engine alone would make the car under-powered). Also the fuel figures aren't fantastic for a hybrid but if you manage to drive with a light right foot it would give you figures of 10kmpl to 13kmpl under moderate traffic conditions. On long drives it would yield north of 15kmpl. Happy hunting
  8. Dee Jay

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Ooops really sad about what happened to the car A friend of mine at office did an accident repair recently at VTEC motors and the job was done satisfactorily so you don't need to worry about the quality of the job I guess. And they did bring in the parts needed (right side fender, right side headlight and buffer) for an Axio Hybrid. Auto-Stop function might be something you need to pay a visit to Stafford. Don't know if VTEC is capable of such repairs.
  9. Dee Jay

    2018 Suzuki Swift Steering Squeeks & Rattles

    This seems to be a common issue for the new Swift and it has been discussed in the forum before along with a remedy for this by A*W. Better to search the forum and go through that thread
  10. Dee Jay

    Grace system warning

    It could be the message that says the performance of the vehicle is reduced as the hybrid battery level is low. The vehicle would return to its normal functioning once the battery is charged to a sufficient level. This message is common when the battery charge is at a lower level (due to staying in the traffic and using up the battery charge) (Difficult to confirm exactly if this is the same issue with the upside down photo though )
  11. Dee Jay

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    I was following this thread from the beginning and there I realized that my car also gives that slight thud when I start it up next time as the guys mentioned. I currently park using the method mentioned by @trinity . Should try your method from tomorrow and see if it makes any difference!
  12. Dee Jay

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    should this be followed in a CVT vehicle as well?
  13. Dee Jay

    Honda grace ex yom 2014/12

    Honestly I think the results of the scan you mentioned are not things you need to try and renegotiate the price on. 1. Replacing spark plugs and getting an engine tune-up done is a running repair as it is normal for any vehicle of that mileage. 2. Hybrid battery fan cleaning is required if they are clogged by dust etc. which can happen when running on our dusty roads and I don't think that is also an issue as even Toyota Lanka does that for their hybrids (Axios and Aquas etc.) at their service at a charge of around 2,000~3,000. 3. When it comes to the effective usable Battery Capacity, you are talking about a 5 year old car and that battery capacity showing in the scan is quite okay for its age. This would enable you to drive without any issues into the next 2 to 3 years (can be less / more depending on how you use it). And the Honda hybrids are not known for battery failures like their Toyota counter parts. You should worry about the battery capacity if the reading is let's say less than 20%. Then you need to be ready for battery replacement. That being said buying this particular car or leaving it is completely up to you. You may come across better cars well maintained than this at a better price as well. However, since this is a Honda Grace what you should be more concerned about is the DCT which is the common issue when it comes to the Honda hybrid models (GP5, Grace and Vezel) as the DCT is not suited for our huge traffic jams and our driving style. And the other thing why are you looking to buy a hybrid?? If you are not planning on driving it for about 1,000 km per month then you'd be better off sticking to a non-hybrid car. This is because you need to drive a lot to offset the maintenance costs associated to hybrids by the savings on fuel. This is applicable for any hybrid regardless of the brand.
  14. @K.o.N.o.S she's a beauty Did you think about the headlight (Audi like with the DRL) and tail light conversions?? That would enhance the look of the car further I guess
  15. Dee Jay

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    There is a good place to get the job done in Wijerama. It is a small auto parts shop near the Wjerama bus halt (going towards Maharagama side). I got both my side mirrors repaired sometime back of my FD3. He has spare parts and complete recondition side mirrors in case you need replacement parts and does a good job in repairing the side mirrors by disassembling the unit and getting it back together in working condition.