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  1. Dee Jay

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    Found this video comparing the AWD system of CRVs (3rd gen, 4th gen and 5th gen) the OP might find it useful to decide on whether he needs an AWD vehicle.. Quite surprisingly the 4th gen system doesn't seem to be as effective as the 3rd gen or the 5th gen
  2. Dee Jay

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    As per this link it is 140mm for the 2WD and 155mm for the AWD model. I guess both ground clearance levels are without any body kits..
  3. Dee Jay

    Honda Fit GP 1 battery health

    As per the report it seems the car has some issues with the suspension system as the guy has marked it as FAIL. I didn't come across the section where the battery percentage was mentioned in the report though (maybe I missed it). Regarding this, maybe at the time the test drive began the battery would have been on a lower level of charge (as it is not being driven frequently like you said it is normal for the battery to discharge. But, it is not good for the health of the battery in the longer run). Once the car is being driven the battery gets charged that's the way hybrids operate hence, it switched to the battery during the 2nd stop at traffic. However, the battery percentage your mechanic referred to should be the SOC (State Of Charge) because that is the only percentage that can increase when the car is driven. What you should actually worry about is not the SOC but the Effective Battery Capacity, which will not vary when the car is driven. Didn't your mechanic tell anything about that? My personal opinion is you are better off with a another car that is being frequently driven as the battery condition should be better in such a car. And I'm pretty surprised that this car which is driven only once a week has all these suspension issues with it. On top of that you mentioned about a ABS related error code and another related to the Battery Control Module? If I were you I'd look into another one.. If you really want to buy this car get it examined from the agents; would cost you around 7500 LKR. But, please do note that you should buy a hybrid only if you plan on driving a lot of KMs otherwise you won't be able to realize any fuel savings when the battery replacement comes up eventually. There is a petrol version of the FIT as well if you are attracted to the design of the car
  4. Dee Jay

    Recommendation for a vehicle

    SUVs are not the most fuel efficient vehicles out there so don't expect fuel figures similar to what your Axio gives you at present. But, when it comes to long distance trips they would return some decent gas mileage. For your budget you would be able to go for Honda CRV, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Peugeot 3008/5008, BMW X1, Audi Q3 etc etc as brand new options. Just check on the prices of the Honda CRV hybrid if fuel efficiency is a top priority for you. So far I have not seen it yet here in SL but, you would be able to direct import one and the RAV4 hybrid is too expensive because of our tax strucutre. You would be able to get hold of a CHR hybrid but not sure if it is worthwhile spending such a large amount of money on a CUV like the CHR purely because of fuel efficiency. But, when it comes to used vehicles you'll have a host of options like Toyota Prados, Land-cruisers, Mitsubishi Moteros, Outlanders etc.
  5. Dee Jay

    My axio hybrid is not starting

    Yes, as @Hyaenidae said seems the 12v battery is weak. You might have to get it checked and replaced as per what Google translator has to say
  6. Dee Jay

    Planning to buy SUV type vehicle

    Ooops now only I saw it :O Btw with those symbols in front it is hard to tag you bro
  7. Dee Jay

    Planning to buy SUV type vehicle

    Well the Honda Vezel is a good choice given the price tag. It is just that since it has a DCT it would act up if you drive it too much in traffic (frequent crawling when the vehicle in front moves a few inches). But, yet again Vezels have been around in Sri Lanka since 2014 and it has had no other major issues. The mechanics now have got to know on how to repair the DCTs as well and provide warranty as well. It has decent ground clearance and good options and good cabin structure and safety features. If you are buying a Vezel be sure to get it checked from the agents and obtain a status report and check the Usable Battery Capacity as well. The other options available in the price range would be a 2nd hand MG ZS (the newer option) or older CRVs, RAV 4s, Harriers etc. and if you could stretch your budget a little further you would be able to find a good Korean SUV like a Sportage etc. Since you are taking the vehicle on lease be mindful not to spend all the money you have to buy the vehicle as you will be needing another couple of hundred thousands to do required timely maintenance. Be sure to properly examine and get the vehicle through the agents or Car C.....s so that you can get a proper picture on the status of the vehicle you are going to buy
  8. Dee Jay

    Honda Vezel 2014

    Change the smart key battery
  9. Dee Jay

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    Well you need not worry about DCT transmission or GDI engine related issues in the first 5 years of ownership since it is covered by KIA warranty. And as @matroska mentioned since you are buying from the agent you will not be stranded where there is only the expensive route to take. If the engine or the gearbox are found to cause issues in Sri Lankan conditions as with how certain models proved to be (Montero, Vezel etc); then what will affect you is resale value, when you try to sell off the vehicle where a lot of negative reputation would surround the particular model. The GDI engine and DCT combined would possibly give higher performance and better fuel figures than the Vitara, MG and Raize etc. But, if it will actually return 13 km/l in the city is for an actual owner to comment. But, bringing in the vehicle to the agent during the warranty period is not a bad thing isn't it? Most of the agents do the maintenance work free of charge during the warranty I guess. On top of that, they would surely perform a better job than most of the average garages you find. But, of course it will be troublesome if you are residing in an area which does not have a KIA service center
  10. Dee Jay

    Honda fit gp1 hybrid battery

    As per the scan report IMA Battery Usable Capacity is 75%. That means the battery is in very good condition as per this report. Most probably the previous owner has replaced the hybrid battery since this battery is having the maximum usable capacity in terms of a IMA hybrid battery. Was this scan report obtained from the agents? If you trust this report there doesn't seem to be any issues related to the hybrid battery. What's the manufacture year of this GP1? When it comes to the condition of the car; a scan report alone is not sufficient to tell that. You will need to go on a test drive and see how it drives, check if the previous owner has maintained and serviced the car regularly (see records), condition of body panels to see is there are any bad accident repair jobs, suspension noises, tire condition and since this is GP1 be sure to check if this has the famous oil burn issue So, if the above criteria are up to your satisfaction the car would be in good condition. Since, you are talking about a used car there would be some sort repairs that you will have to do eventually
  11. Dee Jay

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    you might be able to setup the time properly using the Gathers head unit. As @iRage mentioned Internavi is Honda's system of gathering telemetry data and also providing traffic and navigation related services. In my Civic there's an internavi premium Japanese head-unit (pretty old one) and that updates time based on a GPS signal. But, yes the time is set according to Japanese time zone. However, there was a setting in the head-unit to adjust the displayed time by adding/ subtracting some hours/ minutes from the time fetched via the GPS signal so it displays the relevant time here in SL once adjusted. I found about this setting through a YouTube video as once when my head-unit was removed to fix a screen mirroring device to my car and they forgot to connect the GPS receiver related wire or something and the time was no longer displayed on the head unit. Then they removed the unit again and reconnected but then the time displayed was Japanese standard time. Try to find a Japanese tutorial regarding the specific Gathers head-unit most probably there'll be a similar setting for your head-unit as well.
  12. Dee Jay

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    @Klord the guy myself and @trinity mentioned also applies a nano coating on top of the windshield after polishing. The cost varies as per the condition of the windshield with him; so I guess since your Civic is pretty new (mine is a FD series Civic with no polishing done yet) there might not be that much of viper scratches in your windshield which should mean some price around the figure quoted by Kl*** P***. Both, places seems to be good, so get a quote and decide where you would get the job done
  13. Dee Jay

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    @Klord as @trinity has mentioned try getting the wiper blades replaced with genuine ones from Stafford or another supplier who brings down the original ones (would cost around 4,000 to 5,000 LKR I guess). Yes, I've been to this place to get my headlights cleaned and he did a good job with that. It's quite near to the University of Moratuwa. I asked how much he would charge to polish my windshield and he quoted 12,000 as it had some minor viper scratches in it. I didn't get it done though.
  14. Dee Jay

    FD1 Vs GP1

    Niceee 😃 please upload some pics if possible
  15. Dee Jay

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    They might have accidentally sprayed some lacquer/paint over the windshield as well I guess since they tried sandpaper on the windshield When they try to do that it actually damages the windshield more I guess. Well, I wouldn't risk of doing it DIY since I'm not much experienced with the job. Since, this is your 1st car I guess better to get it done from a professional since you are already disappointed of the status of the car after the repair. A professional might charge you something from 5,000 to 15,000 I guess depending on the state of the windshield.