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  1. Hey.. small question to the community.. Au*mrj guys removed all my coolant.. ran water through the system until uncolored water dripped down from the bottom.. and filled my viva elite up with only coolant.. I said many times if a 50/50 mix is needed.. they kept insisting of going full coolant.. what's up with that?? my first ever service of a second hand car btw..
  2. Can you post a phone number or directions? Want the same service done. I live in Panadura.
  3. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    Hahaa.. thanks bros.. lucky to be a member in autolanka forums.. I’ll share my thoughts after I did my first vehicle service..
  4. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    Hahaa.. that settles it.. ty 👍
  5. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    My brother used the car before and he got the service from autom**aj. I'm new to the driving club but I did researched what you were talking about. What do others think? Autom**aj or Unimo?
  6. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    How's everyone doing.. here's the cost breakdown as promised. Unimo cost for front left brake rotor (disc), front brake pad set & caliper washers - Rs. 21,745 Repairing cost - Rs. 1,900 Total Rs. 23,645 Next in line for me is doing a full service from autom**aj. After that, smooth cruising. See you fellas.
  7. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    My issue is a one off case you don’t have to worry about it. Btw I got it checked. The brake rotor was pretty badly damaged to the point that contact with brake pad was low. Pads were weak too. Buying a new rotor, pads and few minor related things from Unimo tomorrow. Found a place few hundred meters away from my home. A big operation and got recommended by many personal friends. Luckily I live close. I’ll mention the cost info after the repair for future lads. Ty.
  8. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    Many thanks for all of your help! I'll see what I can do.
  9. Hi fellow drivers, Just got a viva elite 2012 manual recently and need to repair / replace some stuff related to brakes (could be pads / caliper pins etc.). I live in Panadura. I need a close by guy to make my go-to-guy. I don't think #UNIMO will be good given that many people here complain of the service and prices. If you know any good place, please drop a note on prices too . Thanks! (If I'm replacing brake pads or caliper pins, do I need to go with original products or A-grade replica? I heard originals can be around 20k while a good replica is 2k something. Correct me.) @Admin Sorry Admin, please move to 'Request Information On A Good Mechanic/ Workshop And Discussion'. Still new to this.
  10. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    I live in Panadura. I was thinking of going to the nearest place and check it up. You know, a place recommended by villagers Do you guys know any good place?
  11. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    Okay Davy, I'll get it repaired and share the results.
  12. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    Thanks for welcoming. We had to keep the car idle for like 5 months. Bad for the car I know. First we thought the noise is from some corrosion and hoped it would reduce as we drive. But with weak brakes we stopped driving. I'll get it repaired and post here what happens. Thanks for introducing me to the thread.
  13. Devin

    Viva Elite Community

    I got my brothers viva elite 2012 awhile back. He bought it brand new. There was a sound coming from front left side wheel as we drive. As if something is rubbing against another. But suddenly the sound stopped, and I feel that brakes are not working well (weak, takes time to stop. Back wheels skid when brake at high speed). My conclusion is front left wheel brakes are gone. What is the fix for this? Do I need to install new brake pads. How much will it cost? Anyone else had this issue? Car noob btw. Thanks.
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