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  1. I bought a new toyota vitz and it comes with kobe warrenty, so there ara labor cost free 8 services and 2years engine gearbox warrenty with it , so if there someone can tell me ,if i do my vehicle services through toyota lanka it would ve reason for cancel my car warrenty and which is the best between Toyota Lanka and carepoint companies for do services
  2. What is the best one to buy between vitz 2016 jewele/ F led or WagonR stingray turbo, fuel consumption, re selling market, spare parts , maintain coast, comfortability, ground clearance and the handling are the main points that i pay alot attention.
  3. L.K

    prius or axio

    What is the best worthy car between 2013-2014 prius 3rs gen and axio 2010-2012 non hybrid, what are different between second hand market, maintain coast, fuel economy and comfortable of these two
  4. What is the best between peugeot 5008 and Honda crv ex both are 2019 models. Comfortable, fuel economy, second hand market in SL, maintain coast are The main points im looking
  5. L.K

    What is the best

  6. L.K

    What is the best

    What is the best japanese hatchback car between 30-35lks in fuel consumption, comfortable, and low maintain cost topics. usually i drive only less than 30km daily
  7. L.K

    Aqua vs Fit

    What is the best between Toyota aqua 2014 & Honda fit Gp5 2014