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  1. JayCee

    Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

    Hi guys, I used the tyre repair kit in my Aqua and wondering where I can get a refill /new liquid. And what is the compatibility of a non Toyota tyre repair liquid with the same pump and equipment. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond in detail @iRage, @kush and @matroska. The CRV seems to be the favourite. Should I be worried that the vehicle will be almost 6 years old and that there might be added maintenance issues/costs that I'll have to face? As opposed to a 2 year old vehicle in the list like a Vezel or Q2? The Harrier also looks like a good option, bt again the age worries me a little.
  3. Hello everyone. Looking for some direction regarding buying a used SUV. I have shortlisted the following and would appreciate it if anyone who owns one or has any experience can give me some feedback to make a decision. Or any other potential vehicle I have missed? Honda CRV (2014/15), Honda Vezel (2016/17/18), Nissan X-Trail (2015/16), Audi Q2, Suzuki Vitara Boosterjet (2019), MG ZS. My priorities are reliability, practicality, resale value and driving pleasure (in that order). Not very fussed on fuel economy. Concerns about the Vezel DCT and X-Trail transmission issues.
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