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  1. Reliability of old cars are mostly depend on the previous usage and maintenance. If you are ok with 10 years old sedans. I would see following 3 options for a guy Mazda 3 or Axela Lancer EX Civic FD1/FD4 If you really really want a Toyota badge, go for a Corolla 141. If i was asked to choose a car for 3 million, it will be always old e46
  2. Axia and Wigo are same cars with different badges Wigo may have better resale value cause of the toyota badge. Alto is a very basic car, RS has some more features, if you need better interior i would rather go for WagonR. Also compared to other similar type cars, WagonR is very common and in future it would be easy to get parts and so on. Compared to your current indian alto, spare part prices could be higher as for now. If you are concern with that you can go for Axia or Wigo
  3. keizer

    408 & 407

    As mentioned earlier 408 is the successor for 307 and its not same class as 407. Since its a newer model there will be less issues but still there are few cars in Sri Lanka and its not sold in Europe, so i don't think finding spare parts could be harder than 407. Again 407 is not so good with reliability. I personally prefer good old 406 over 407 and 408.
  4. I think last generation of pugs had reliability issues and now seems like new generation vehicles like 3008 and 5008 are scoring good scores in reliability in Europe. Yes still secondhand market is questionable in Sri Lanka but still there are so many 3008/5008 on the road.
  5. Thank you very much for the feedback. I am also little bit into e90 than b8, now again i am thinking in between e90 and e60 as both are available for the same price bracket
  6. Currently i am using a BMW e46 320d facelift and now considering an update. My budget is around 5-5.5 million and i have narrowed down choices to e90 and b8. I have went through most of the threads and everybody is recommending to go for a Diesel variants in Sri Lanka. I will be driving car most of the times weekends, hence i am thinking of going for a petrol. Please provide your opinion on that and also compare both e90 and b8 in terms of; Performance and driving pleasure Durability and build quality Reliability and maintenance I don't know lot about Audi engines, but in e90 heard that there are a lot of issues with n46 engine. In that case, is it better go for one manufactured around 2005 with n43 engine?
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