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  1. For your information, Honda Japan has recalled CR-Vs manufactured in year 2018 and 2019 as per the details given below. https://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/info/200528_4751.html Recall notification number: 4751 Report Date: May 28, 2nd Year Start Date: May 29, 2nd Year Recall of 4 models such as CR-V Overview Faulty part (part name) Fuel system (fuel pump) Status of structure, equipment or performance recognized as being out of conformity with standards and its cause In the impeller (resin impeller) of the low-pressure fuel pump, the molding conditions are inadequate, so the resin density becomes low and the resin may swell and deform. As a result, the impeller comes into contact with the pump cover, causing the fuel pump to malfunction, and in the worst case, the engine may stall during driving. Illustration of improvement points Details of improvement measures Replace the low pressure fuel pump with a countermeasure. Measures to inform automobile users and automobile disassembly and maintenance businesses -User: Notify by direct mail. ・Vehicle disassembly and maintenance business: Posted in the magazine issued by Nisseiren. ・No.4751 stickers will be attached to the vehicles that have undergone the improvement in the vicinity of the door striker at the door opening on the driver's side. Target range Car name Model Common name Range and production period of the chassis number of the target vehicle Number of target vehicles Honda DBA-RW1 CR-V RW1-1000013 to RW1-1003202 July 9, 2018 to January 8, 2019 3,190 DBA-RW2 RW2-1000101 to RW2-1001857 July 13, 2018 to January 7, 2019 1,757 6AA-RT5 RT5-1000025-RT5-1001456 October 3, 2018- January 8, 2019 1,432 6AA-RT6 RT6-1000023-RT6-1001244 October 3, 2018- January 14, 2019 1,222 6AA-ZE4 Insight ZE4-1000066 ~ ZE4-1002943 November 20, 2018 ~ March 12, 2019 2,878 DBA-FC1 Civic FC1-1004851-FC1-1005747 June 29, 2018- September 28, 2018 897 FC1-1100001-FC1-1100530 October 24, 2018- January 12, 2019 530 DAA-KC2 LEGEND KC2-1200646-KC2-1201165 June 4, 2018- June 28, 2019 520 KC2-5200002 October 31, 2018 1 (7 models in total) (4 models in total) (Overall range of production period) June 4, 2018-June 28, 2019 (Total 12,427 units)
  2. Friends, You can use the below link and translate to English to find more details on O& M of CRV JDM https://www.honda.co.jp/ownersmanual/webom/jpn/crv/2019/details/136162090-56434.html
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