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    Recirculating condemned cars

    This friend of mine bought the car from a place in cmb and after like 4months after buying it she has noticed that the air bag light was keep blinking and she has gone to see a mechanic. There she has got to know that her car has had serious structural damage to the body which she was totally unaware of at the time of buying it and car sale people have sold it for the usual market price. They have perfectly hidden everything that some ordinary person could never tell that it has gone through a major accident. So with the information from the garage she has visited Department of motor traffic to get the previous details on the vehicle. But surprisingly there had been no record regarding condemning the vehicle which people from garage thought a vehicle undergone a damage like this should definitely get condemned. Next she eventually got to know about the insurance company that this car was insured previously from the department. She is apparently the 3rd owner which she was told by the car sale. Without stopping from there, she has dig into it's previous insurance records. And there you go they have all the records photos and dates of the car. And it says the car had been undergone a major accident and it has been condemned. The controversial things is that after she bought the car she has insured the car from the same insurance company that this car was condemned couple of years ago. How ever the person who dig into the database to get her information didn't noticed that at that time. If he noticed he would have never showed the Information anyway. Knowing how slow the legal things move on in SriLanka she has finally decide to go to the car sale and without delivering any information she knows, she has politely asked them that she got to know that this car is damaged and she wants her money returned which they refused and didn't agree and strongly denied the car is damaged. With thousand and one other problems to deal with she didn't want any more problems to go through so she was ok to settle this down even in expense of 2to 3laks loss. So she gave the car sale another offer that she would like to change the car to a one in for sale now. Which they agreed but buying the car 4laks cheaper to the amount they sold it for her. And they seems to be unusually increasing the prices of cars currently on sale too. So at the end of the story just asking for your thoughts. What are her best chances. What options she has.
  2. Just to start the conversation, Is it legal to repair a condemned car, make it look like accident free from outside and resell it for the normal market value of non condemned version of the same car. Because a friend of mine just caught in something similar.