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  1. Thanks all But I asked from a delivery agent about my choice.He told picanto has some issues with inadequate space and fuel efficiency. They told my budget 3 million.worth of buying unregistered Daihatsu Mira 2018 or vitz than brand new picanto. What do you think about it?
  2. Thnks for your valuble ideas What about picanto's technological quality.Engine quality is same as japanese car? Can we believe it in daily driving?
  3. Hello all, I want to buy a small car with my budget 3 million as my 1st car.I consider about best look,good reselling value after 5yrs,good safety and affordable fuel efficiency. My current selections are Kia picanto,Suzuki celerio,toyota wigo and japan alto.when i think best look my 1st selection is picanto. Does picanto have above features? I want to resell it after 5yrs Looking for your valuble ideas and advices Thnks
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