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  1. If anyone know about a working app for this model plz let me know.
  2. Hi I've just bought an OBD2 Scanner from Ebay to scan my Alto LXI (2008). I've tried the two Android apps called "Car Scanner" and "Torque (lite)". Both can connect to the device but can't connect to the ECU. The "Car Scanner" app goes through all the Protocols available with it and none matches with the vehicle. Could this be a problem with the car (maybe the port)? Or is there any app that supports this car? Thanks.
  3. @Twin Turbo : Already done that. No luck @Davy: The door beadings look a bit worn out on this particular door compared to others. Will try adjusting/replacing them.
  4. Hi guys, I've got an Alto 800 (2008). The driver side door of it needs to be slammed to lock properly. I could see that the door beading is a bit worn out which makes the slamming noice louder. I've tried lubricating the door latches / locks as well. Any idea of how to fix this problem at home? Appreciate if you can put some references to parts shops if need any. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I've recently bought an Alto 800 (2008) with ~65K milage. The A/C doesn't get very cold in daytime (under direct sunlight). Also compressor kicks in too frequently even the temperature is set to a medium level. The load that A/C puts on the engine is also considerably high and it is noticeable at pickup and hill climbing. I'm gonna try to fix this by my own 😁 . Do you guys have any clue that I need to start checking such as could it be low gas? Bad compressor or is it normal in these cars? Really appreciate if you can give me some rough cost figures for the fixes that you suspect as well. Thanks.
  6. Do you think it is worth for money, with all the above negative comments?
  7. Thanks for your reply. They ask for 1.2Mn final price.
  8. Thanks for your opinion. I'm not very cleare about the term "source" you used here. Could you explain it a bit Photos: Upload failed. I guess they exceeds the max size. So I dropped them in google drive.
  9. In general what do you guys think of going for this vs going for a Jap car in this price range? (Doctor sunny, Toyota Tracel etc.) Specially, this gonna be my first car. I want it to be a fun to drive and hassle-free car where I can do some stuff by my own and learn. For example small maintenances and mods.
  10. Yes. It is indian. As mentioned in other comments it is an EU model. Yes this is an EU model. Do you know any info about parts availability and cost? Here you go https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F4ab-ulooFdRZO5ggmXpY8ThpX09kDL8 Thanks for the reply. As you said yes it is an EU model. But it has 2 air bags. I've attached a photo of the dashboard as above reply. It shows SRS in steering as well as dashboard of passenger side. Could that be a false label? Thanks for your reply. As the above photos, car looks good. Do you think 1.2M is too much?
  11. Hi all, I just found a 2004 Alto (Indian) for 1.2M. The car spec is as follows. 1000cc Manual Alloy wheel ABS Air bags 98000 KM The car has average overall look. No major damages inside and out. Engine looks good. No any bad noises or vibrations. What do you guys think about this model and buying a 15 years old Alto? This the model is not very common, will the parts be available and cheap? Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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