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  1. I use an Honda ES1 (auto transmission). Ever since the vehicle was imported, it has been serviced at Stafford every 5k KMs like a prayer. So last week Stafford listed down areas that need repairs after a full service. Obviously I'm not gonna do repairs at Stafford because spare parts are way too expensive. So I visited Teck Motors in Punchikawatta and got a quote. I feel like their prices are a little high too (or I may be wrong?). Either way, could someone tell me if there's an alternate store to buy good Honda spares? And if the quote Teck has given me is reasonable?
  2. Thanks Davy. Anyone know where I can find this spark plug - NGK ZFR6J-11. I visited Teck Motors today but they didn't have it. Stafford had them but it was too expensive. LKR 1500 per plug is way too much. Anywhere else I can try?
  3. Hey fellow fuel heads, So I drive a Honda CIvic ES1 auto transmission. The car is in really good condition because every 5k kms the car has been put to service at Stafford like a prayer. So today after collecting my vehicle from Stafford post service, these were the remarks. 1. Can someone please tell me if these are major repairs and give me an estimate of how much this will cost? 2. There's this issue in my vehicle where when I completely hault at a signal light and then accelerate, there's a slight stutter at the initial acceleration. Do you guys think that could be the spark plugs needing replacement? Your great input will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. It is most likely clocked and that's something I'm gonna have to live with not knowing for sure. That's something that can't be monitored no matter what you do. I also wouldn't have normally paid 2.45m for a 2001 vehicle but considering this is Sri Lanka (a land like no other), this is what the current market is. And it's going to get worse after the budget. So yeah.
  5. Thanks a lot guys. This information helps me heaps coz I was contemplating whether to drop this vehicle for this very reason. Good to know that it's a common occurrence and I shouldn't worry about it too much. What do you guys think about this vehicle? Honda Civic ES 1 VTIS A. It's done 165k km mileage,. maintained at Stafford throughout for the past 8 years (all records available), it even has a pretty cool sunroof which is the first ES1 I've seen with a sunroof. He's quoting 2.45m and I've pretty much confirmed the sale. Good or bad decision?
  6. Hi Guys, So I'm new to the forum and I've joined for the very reason that I'm in process of purchasing a reconditioned vehicle and I need some clarification with something. This is my first vehicle so I’m not very familiar in terms of the formalities. The vehicle I intend on purchasing is a Honda Civic ES 1 VTIS A – (YOM 2001) The issue that I'm having is that when I took the vehicle in for valuation, I was told by the valuation center that the vehicle chassis number and the country of origin wasn’t tallying. To elaborate on this further, the chassis number is a Japanese chassis number but the country of origin reads as Singapore. So I took this up with the seller of the vehicle and he informed me that this can be amended at the RMV after a process. He wasn’t aware of this until I brought it up. What I like to know is that is the following: Does this mistake of “country of origin” occur with the RMV? Will this book amendment in any way affect the resale vehicle of the vehicle? Should I go ahead and purchase this vehicle or do you think there has been some illegalities with the documentation in order to avoid taxes or is this is genuine mistake by the RMV? Very much looking forward to your responses as I really like this vehicle since it has been maintained at Stafford throughout and is in excellent condition.
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