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  1. Thank a lot for the valuable information. Do you have any idea what the Model/Frame type/Code would be for a G grade.
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise. I think i would go for an axio g grade. But as your are saying will it be difficult on finding a real g grade since most x limited ones can be re badged. Any idea of a difference i can find in the chassis number.
  3. Im in search of a good reliable and economical sedan in the price range of 3.5 to 3.8 mil. I have a few models under my consideration but is having a hard time selecting one since this going to be my first. My considerations are Toyota axio non hybrid (Does the x grade differ a lot from the x limited and g grade ?) Toyota Allion 240 Nissan Bluebird G11 Honda Fd1 Mazda 3/ Axela 2008-2009 I know there are posts for each of these cars but they are old. So if the experts in this forums could give me some advice on these models i have mentioned it would be of great help me.