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    DFSK 580

    WTH is this guy on about if he hasnt even bought the car yet? If he's convinced this is such a great car so far as to call everyone else who have doubts about it "idiots" why wouldn't he go ahead and buy it instead of trying to convince the doubters of the forum how great a car this is?
  2. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

    They have introduced the Z100 as an entry level hatchback, don't know the price though
  3. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

  4. I'd choose the Lancer among these three, considering: - Lancers are well-known for their durability and reliability - Japanese. You can't beat Japanese when it comes to troublefree motoring - Agents carry all necessary spare parts for this model and they have a good service network around the island, plus their charges are lower than most agents, so relatively cheap maintenance - Reconditioned spare parts are available If you're patient, you'll be able find a brand new import maintained by the agent for your budget.
  5. Well OP didn't specifically ask for a Toyota or a common model so...
  6. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

    Comments made during the honeymoon period tend to change after 2-3 years of marriage with a Chinese.
  7. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

  8. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

    Can I have the link, for educational purposes ofc
  9. Jason Bourne

    Toyota passo

    That's your car being a law abiding vehicle
  10. Jason Bourne

    DFSK 580

    Or a new owner
  11. Jason Bourne

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    Are you sure? It comes with a 1.8l engine, even the 4G18 is 1.6l AFAIK
  12. That 50% saving will be lost if you pay the correct tax
  13. Jason Bourne

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    A wild Xtrail appears
  14. Jason Bourne

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Guess 90% "capable off road" SUVs in Sri Lanka aren't being used beyond the paved roads anyway, but for some reason it seems to me like a souped up Bolero, something feels wrong with it but I can't put my finger on what
  15. Jason Bourne

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Prado ---> Aparadey conversion
  16. Jason Bourne

    Nissan Navara

    It's cheap to buy, expensive to run... you can feel its cheaply made too. Nissan had to recall a bunch of Navaras because those literally broke in two (google navara broken in half) After the D22 series its not being manufactured in Japan, I guess that's one reason for the poor quality.
  17. Jason Bourne

    Some Concerns?

    That workaround doesn't work. Locking the transmission in 1st or 2nd gear doesn't stop the DCT from slipping when crawling forward - the only viable workaround is avoiding crawling as much as possible, specially when going uphill / when the car is loaded
  18. Jason Bourne

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Don't forget WagonRs
  19. It would be even more exciting if OP or someone who owns a Vitz actually do all this upgrades and report back
  20. Jason Bourne

    Direct/Port/Direct+Port Gasoline Engines

    Purely on a technological standpoint though, GDI+MPI combination should trump traditional GDI systems when it comes to reliability.
  21. Jason Bourne

    Direct/Port/Direct+Port Gasoline Engines

    AFAIK MPI is just another form of what we call "Port Injection"
  22. Jason Bourne

    Direct/Port/Direct+Port Gasoline Engines

    Well the GDI+MPI combination should give you the best of both worlds, about potential issues only the time will tell I guess Manufacturers doesn't give that much thought about reliability nowadays anyway, passenger safety, fuel economy and affordability seems to be the driving factors of Toyota mass production cars nowadays
  23. Jason Bourne

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    How much did it cost for the cooler + labor?
  24. Jason Bourne

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Your life ain't complete if you haven't read this yet
  25. Jason Bourne

    OBD2 Scan App for Alto LXI 2008

    Nothing wrong with the car or the scanner, it's just that the ECU doesn't comply to any OBD2 standard protocols, like crosswind said it might be using an old Japanese JDM OBD standard