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  1. Thank you v much iRage and Clark'sson
  2. Hello guys, I want to know the fuel consumption of Santa Fe 2008/9/10 and 2011 (both petrol and diesel) I heard it does 10 on diesel and 8 on petrol, that true? and I wonder if it is a bad vehicle to buy in 2019 cus I heard all the Santa fes have gone through an engine overhaul by 60 000kms (diesel ones - did petrol vehicle engines got overhauled too?)
  3. Machan, regarding that engine repair you said. Do you think i should opt the santa fe because of that engine repair done in 60,000? I heard that the company never informed the buyers to use super diesel when they buy it. I only found 1 deisel vehicle of 100,000 and all other diesels have passed more than 150,000. what do you think about the petrol version of it (i heard petrol does around 10 kmpl but i highly doubt it even does 😎 Please advice me what i should look for when buying one and how to know if there are any problems. Im thinking of going to this new Car Check place to get it inspected. Are they trustworthy?
  4. I dont like MPV's that much and the only two that's available are Honda Freed, Avanza or an old townace. But what do you think of Santa Fe 2007/2008/2009? My main concerns are the market value and if the fuel economy is more than 10kmpl id love it
  5. So 6 people can ride comfortably in a double cab? That will be great. Can you please enlighten me on the best double cab models, because i saw many toyota thailand models on the net and im confused whats the best Something for 3.5 million
  6. Hey Vanguard and CR-V costs around 5-6 million so its out of option. Is it okay if i convert a rav4 5 seater to a 7 seater? I checked some 2008/7 rav4's but i find that the xtrail has more space compared to it 🤷 Yes i could easily get a pajero or a prado but i need something 2007-8ish which will have less repairs vpaired to a 20+ year old vehicle And i would love a MPV TOO BUT its not not an option for my budget :l
  7. I need a 7 seater SUV for 3.5 million which has a good fuel economy. (diesel) I could only find that Hyundai Santa Fe 2007/2008 will help all my requirements but all the vehicles available have crossed 100,000kms on the clock and I heard the engine needs to be overhauled after reaching 100k and the second-hand market is horrible too. The main reason I need a 7 seater is that there are 6 people in my family and we mostly travel together. I also have thought of buying something like an x-trail or rav4 2007ish and ride with the family by turning down the back seats or I heard that a seat can be installed as a 7 seater on a Facebook post. I could only find old posts about this from 2013 on this website so please help me. Thanks in advance, Somasiri
  8. hustlehard

    Is Toyota Rav4 Vanguard 2009/10 a good 7 seater?

    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Do you think buying a rav4 vanguard instead of something like a 2010 petrol Kia Sorento is a good decision? Or just the Vanguard as a whole a good marketable vehicle? Cus ive only seen 1 vanguard on the road in my entire lifetime haha
  9. After extensive search for a 7 seater to buy under 5 million, i found this gorgeous suv called Rav4 vanguard but im very hesitant to buy it due to low amount of vehicles in the country and resale value. But i heard there are plenty of spareparts for this beauty and now the only thing im concerned about is the resale value. Any experts who can give me some solid advice on buying a Toyota Rav4 Vanguard? please advice me about the petrol consumption too Thanks in advance!!
  10. HELLO! I want to know your opinions on riding with 6 in an allion or a premio. Is it viable? comfortable? legal in sri lanka? Mostly for long trips to katharagama.
  11. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Yes :| the outlander 2011/12 thats for sale here on ###### and all cant be found on the internet idk. the thing is im always looking for a japanese 7 seater suv for the budget of 4.5 million that will have a good market value, fuel efficiency is not a problem so the only vehicle that i find good is the outlander 2011/12 eventho i dont like it as much as a sorento Id love a crv but it goes way beyond my budget and no 7 seaters ye
  12. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    What are the other options you know?? Do you think Mitsubishi Outlander 2010/11/12 would be a better choice but i heard spare parts are hard to find for it :|
  13. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Sorento is a great vehicle. I love it, but the second-hand market is bad right?
  14. Can someone help me to decide what to buy for 4.5/5 million?I need a 7 seater SUV so I was considering a Montero v6. What do you guys think? Any other options?