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  1. My prius back door paint is damaged and the whole panel needs to be painted. It will cost me Rs 8000 - 9000 but what concerns me is, will the paint job make it obvious that its painted and will the painted panel stand out from the rest of the car? Can yall suggest me a good painting garage around nugegoda area?
  2. i see i see But still skeptical about driving it for like another 2 weeks before getting repaired would you do it if you were in my situation?
  3. Okay thank you, is it safe to drive like this for sometime without repairing it?
  4. It is located just near the buffer so hope this pictures can help you identify what it is
  5. Hey Guys, Whats this part, which is located down near the buffer and looks kinda broken in the right side. Is this a serious issue? should i get it fixed?
  6. Thank you guys, is it possible to check the hybrid battery condition from the driving display?
  7. I did at carchecks nugegoda and this was when I bought the vehicle like 2 weeks ago. they told me to service the hybrid battery and thats it
  8. Hi guys, Bought an Axio 2014 Hybrid and I'm planning to go Kataragama which is like 250 Kms. (500 Kms up and down) Taking the highway route and going through Matara. If there's any faulty in the battery or anything will the display signal it? What should I check in the vehicle before beginning the ride? I'm new to hybrid vehicles so please help me out Thanks!
  9. Hi guys just bought a Prius 2015 and now the leasing company is asking to fit a GPS meter which they will provide me with. If i get the gps from the company, can i fix it by myself? is this a hard procedure? where can i get it done? And can i fix it without been visible to the passengers of the car? Whats the price?
  10. What do you guys think of prius alpha 2011? going to buy one and how is the spareparts availabilty? what factors should i concern about when buying it? Please advice :D
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