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  1. Really really helpful....❤ I ll PM you if i had further more questions brother.. Keep going💪 Advices are priceless
  2. Highly appreciated brother❤... If I dont do 1000kms+ for a month..is it wise to go for axio non hybrid like..161 2012/13
  3. Even if i do 2000 km per month..how will be the maintenance costs(service) Generally after a every 5000km needs basic service..how much does it costs in hybrids??like aqua/GP5 Done some background study but have no experience in any hybrid car😅 On the other hand..i have heard no battry issues of fits..but there are some services need to be done such as.DCT oil,clutch oil after a standard millage.. Another thing i would like to know is.. Is there any differnce in GP5 S grade engine with other GP5.. GP5 S comes with sport mood and paddle shift. When sport mood on with paddle shifts it becomes fully petrol functioned vehicle.So is it possible in outstations and highways perform better in fuel consumption? One last Q Is it better to buy GP5 after YOM 2014.How do I make sure the one im going to buy will not affect with DCT replacement
  4. Thank you brother..., What things should i consider when buying a fitGP5..DCT issue is the only thing bother me to go for FIT😏
  5. Thinking about to buying an aqua or fit manufactured in 2013/14/15.My budget is around 3.5 Mn.Need to know the fuel consumption,maintenance costs,ground clearance and which has the better cargo volume. Also need to aware about documents/cetificates that need to consider when buying a used car(Ex:-Auction report,JAAI)
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