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  1. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    I’ve decided to go for a restoration of the original 3A engine. I understand that it may get expensive, but it sounds like a shame to rip out the original engine when it’s good and restorable! In in the mean time, I’ve chanced upon a set of rims which I was hoping you gents could help me ID. Attached are a few pics. thank you!!!!
  2. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    Thanks mate!
  3. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    Hey everyone, So, I made the purchase yesterday! I thought I might have to put it on a car carrier and bring, but ended up driving it to kegalle, where my hometown is. The brakes need to be pumped twice to stop, but whatever. The car is parked for now and will most likely get started on the resto in about a month or so. Can’t make up my mind as to if I want to put ina new engine or rebuild the original 3au with new bits like and upgraded carb, and maybe some head work. It was lovely to drive. The engine is quite peppy and shifting through the five gears is quite fun! Will keep you all posted! Thanks for the support!
  4. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    That was something my friend and I also talked over this morning. I’m thinking maybe have the strip down start and in the meantime explore engine+gearbox combos. Once that’s finalized, get the parts, do a mock fit and then go in for paint. Also, how can I tell if a diff has LSD or not? Any visual indications?
  5. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    All points noted! First plan of action is to strip it all apart and start on the tinker work and refurb the interior bits. I’ll start looking for a powertrain+drivetrain combo in the meantime. On that note, would any diff (with LSD) from any model of Toyota hilux do, or is their a specific model I need to look for? The suspension and brakes are definitely getting upgraded before the car is taken back out on the roads. thanks again! Cheers!!!
  6. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    Thank you very much for taking the time to type a lengthy reply! Now you’ve got me thinking if a more powerful engine is a good idea at all due to the design limitations of the chassis! What are your thoughts on having a frame reinforcement done before throwing in a newer engine? Also, I think this has a T50 gearbox, (I could be wrong and I need to take a closer look at it in any case) but if it is, it should be good to go with a 4age, shouldn’t it? I plan to keep the styling minimal and close to stock as much as possible and not destroy the car 😁, but I’m thinking wider jdm wheels because I can’t stand the look of these flimsy tyres. (It’s probably a phase and maybe I’ll outgrow it!) If I’m putting in a new engine, I plan on getting a compatible LSD diff, but let’s see. Suspension and brake upgrades are right at the top of the list. Again, google is my tutor and I’m thinking aftermarket stuff like D2, Gecko or maybe eibach (if it’s not going to break the bank). The interior seems to be original and I’ll share some pics so that you gents can decide. Please disregard the “Thing” on the steering wheel! Thank you very much for kicking off the replies and also the referrals! The alien bits are going to the landfill ASAP. Keeping it simple and close to stock is what I plan on doing. Thanks again! Cheers mate!
  7. Khamsin

    Toyota AE70 liftback

    Hey fellas, I am new to the classic car scene and I have stumbled upon a Toyota AE70 liftback, which I shall be buying sometime next week. This has a 3AU engine mated to a T50 gearbox. The body looks tired but sheet metal seems to be in generally ok condition (Only one way to find out 😄). I am planning on doing a ground up restoration while restomodding the internals where necessary, such as brakes and maybe the engine. A bit torn wether to rebuild the original motor or to throw in a 3sge or a 4age. Did a test drive today. A good amount of the original horses still seem to be live and kicking. Steering is wobbly. Brakes are appalling. Clutch sinks right to the bottom. Gear shifts are ok, but could be a bit tighter. Lots of spaceship like bits have been bolted/glued on to the body, which, needless to say, will find their rightful place in the garbage. Any suggestions and advise on how to proceed would be lovely and be most welcome. Thank you!