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  1. This is my personal view about this issue. This 658 cc engine is not enough to battle with the mountain roads and to win the hilly road, the alternator assist to add more power to the engine . when add more power to crank shaft pulley from the alternator, the belt and tensioners runs with load and this may be the reason for the tensioners less life time. Also these parts may not pure japanese(not made in Japan) as many factories in China, India, Korea, Thailand , phillipines made many spare parts for most models in Japan as well as European cars and these parts may bring the troubles . We cannot say these factories follow all the standards in production or may be production faults. . Now many vehicles import to Srilanka(Specially Japan domestic models) bring many issues . In Japan they use maximum 2 years and during their usage they do not any as mother company has some what warranty for their cars, But after complete 2 years , The companies do auction for these used vehicles and they resell to countries like SriLanka . Now most people loses their confidence about Japanese vehicles too ,The car sales owners too only sell the vehicle and after that forget the customer or many fairy tales or some. At the end the customer helpless and cannot drive with confidence.
  2. Well, These days I am searching about the warranty for reconditioned cars. Specifically in Europe these cover availability and now I will say it. Even a reconditioned car sell to EU,warranty remains for 36000km or 3years which ever occur First. I have downloaded the way they offer warranty and hope to add this page. I have noticed few defects past recent in Sri Lanka.even brand new vehicles too Suzuki vagon R 2018/19 Nissan X trail Mitsubishi Eclipse cross (auto break) Mitsubishi Montero V 98gear box Most parts made in china or fully assembled in other countries but mentioned made in Japan(may be).I think the quality standard in Japan and other countries are different and vehicles made outside of Japan are cannot reliable. What will happen if it continues to Japanese vehicles?
  3. It is true , The belt tensioner issue is true with Wagon R Stingray. Even My sister purchased a car of same from Indra Traders on last April 2018 and after 3 months, an unusual noise from Belt tensioners and consult them as they say when buying they give full warranty for the engine for Certain period . I(t was a written warranty. The sales officer(Sudarshana) said this repair cannot done with them and sent to A*W for the repair. we received the car back again after one week but the same fault again after 3 months. Now you say this repair will not done by A M W, Indra traders says they did the repair by A M W. So the issue swing with promises and lies. This time we show the car back to Indra traders and they said this is not a serious issue and it is a production fault, But did not mention any word about the future repair done by A*W . I do hope to write to Suzuki mother company in Japan and do the same. Also friends those who using wagon R and if any one's car has same issue write to the mother company. Also promote to not to buy the company model or Domestic model to all sri Lankans as we cannot spent more for vehicles , We all are not rich and at least we all expect to use minimum 3 years without major rapair.
  4. Purchased Vagon R 2017 stingray on 26 th April 2018 with 5000 km on odometer. Place is a leading and reputed in Kandy After 4000 km use in 6 months , an engine noise came and went to the dealer as they said they give warranty As their word they send the vehicle to the Mother company A*W for the repair and now again the noise from Engine. Heard from the dealer this engine noise is common fault but no car sale owner say the time you buy.According to my friend in Europe, said that even a recondition vehicles sell to Europe has some cover of the engine parts till genuine milage reaches to 80000 km. Sri Lanka, dealers hide those information even mother company never exposed us too. any body wishes to know what is the aftermarket warranty in Europe i can send some information specially Toyota witz . Think wisely before you buy .( sell with warranty but repairs form a small point and say that get it done by agents.) Not only this ,some Wagon R 2018 model available with them but the seat belt has 2016 logo. though they are pioneers in used and brand new vehicles in Sri Lanka. Careful.
  5. Please ring me 0776260462, English manual with me(2015)
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