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  1. Gatsby

    Best car for family use

    I'm focusing on these two also kush. Big issue is that these two arent facilitated at least with cruise control. and its very hard to find a gd specimen..
  2. Gatsby

    Best car for family use

    Hi Hyaenidae Your example is a good one for how depreciate vehicles with time and usage. But i'm saying depreciation of mazda will be more than toyota, honda.. Thank u
  3. Gatsby

    Best car for family use

    Dear Crosswind, I meant resale value after 5 6 yrs. In sri lanka mazda is not a reputed brand like Toyota, honda. I tried to convinced mazda will depreciate (Value) more than the toyota honda.. Im not a well known person of this area. But thats my idea. Hope to hear urs...
  4. Gatsby

    Best car for family use

    Thanks for ur suggestion matroska & kush.. Considering the way going on sri lanka, brand like mazda will not have a considerable second hand market value aftr a 5 6 years. At that point i doubt, value of money expending for the mazda 3 will be effective or not. Since im not a ultra rich person resale value also matter to me 🙄 If there is anyone driving Honda FD4 non hybrid car, would like to hear ur experience with it. Thank u
  5. Hi experts, I'm hoping to buy a car failing under 4.5 million. Budget can be adjusted according to the selection. Travel distance will be maximum 700 Km per month. There fore fuel economy wont be a big issue and seeking for comfortable ride with less maintenance. Modern technologies (At least cruise control) expected from the car rather than conventional car. Following selections were made after went through the forum. # Honda grace 2014 # Mazda 3 2014 # Honda civic FD 4 (Non hybrid) I'm not much more interest on hybrid vehicles since they need more maintenance and drastically reduction of resale value (Hoping to use the car for around 6 years). Considering all the facts i have a little bit favor for Honda civic FD 4 although it comes under around 3.7 million. I went through the forum and couldn't find information about civic. It will be great if u support me to finalize my selection and ur suggestions will be appreciated. Thank u