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  1. Thanks for your reply.. As I was told, CR book status 'New' is a recent addition apart from 'Brand New' or 'Reconditioned' statuses . Anyway this requires further clarification. This vehicle is a 2WD for your information. As you mentioned, I too felt that this vehicle for this price tag was really worth & good value for money and highly "underrated".. Anyway let's do further research and see.. The other experts, please share your views and thoughts as well!!
  2. Thanks for your valuable comments. FYI, it's interior & boot space are quite roomier than CHR though it looks bit compact from outside.. However, as you suggested, must check & verify the compatibility of its parts that of with the Swift/Vitara as all three are with the same boosterjet 1.0L ZS-T engine. If this issue could be resolved, believe me this car can be one of the better options for this price tag (I was told that the CR book will bear the "Status when Registered" as 'New' not as 'Reconditioned'). Once again thanks for your prompt response.
  3. Hi Experts, I intend to buy a Suzuki S Cross SX4 Boosterjet 1.0L 2019 UK for approx LKR 6.0 Mn. This is one of the few crossovers in New condition in the range of LKR 6.0 Mn. I test drove the car and drive was reasonably impressive. It could be considered as a decent family vehicle with a good cabin & boot room and with a high ground clearance (180mm whereas Toyota CHR is with 150mm.. No offence please 🙏) as the reasonably high ground clearance is one of my priorities. However, I'm little hesitant to go for it as this vehicle is too new to SL market and yet to catch up with the market. As such, availability of spare parts in future shall be a big question and there is no an authorised agent (even not A*W) dealing with this vehicle or the spare parts.. Considering all the above facts, I kindly invite your valuable advice for me to take a firm decision on it. Thanks