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    Which one is better

    Having driven the 520d, it’s a good car to drive, it has plenty of torque..since Its gonna be a used one just dont buy any N47 engined early 520ds as they have timing chain problems,make sure you check the m/f year. Seats in the base model are really terrible..find a car with lumbar support,sport seats if you can,however the ride is fairly good.. back seat leg space is average. No idea about the a6. Since ‘13 520d s are gonna be in 9mil and up ,it would be wise to get a new 318i(if you can find one cheap). And avoid issues with these older german cars.
  2. Hey guys, thinking of buying a lancer evolution used one, however on lots of ads i see book updated.. does that mean they are regular ones converted to evos? Or imported as normal lancers?