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    The Ford Focus Thread

    Hey guys, There is a recall ongoing in Europe for Ford Focus. Don't panic, its just a firmware upgrade to in order to check the slipping clutch. Maybe not for automatic transmission owners. check your cars in ETIS using VIN and call the dealership. Ford Focus (2016 - 2018) The clutch pressure plate may break. This may result in reduced vehicle performance. Specific vehicles Ford C-Max, Focus, Kuga, Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy built between 30/06/2016 and 30/05/2018 are affected with this recall. Company recall code: 18S39 https://car-recalls.eu/listing/ford-focus-2016-2018/ Ford Focus (2018) The brake pedal hinge bolt may not be adequate and may break. This might lead to reduced braking performance. The Ford Focus models affected by this recall were produced between 19. 10. 2018 – 8. 12. 2018. Company recall code: 18U33
  2. ssmfernando

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Of course, every car seat can be folded down. Honda has some kind of marketing name called Honda Magic seat. It's cool and very practical. Point is a lot of cars having some kind of seat ridge when they folded down. Because can't lift the seat base, nor adjustable boot floor to match the seat ridge. But in MK3.5 can lift it up in order to make very flatbed without any ridge, so heavy items can push toward easily. This is very handy and practical for C segment hatchback models. 🙂
  3. ssmfernando

    The Ford Focus Thread

    You got the kinda Honda magic seat in the focus. check out the pic, just lift the seat from behind and fold it down. you have a very flat surface. I got the same model, but hatchback, very practical. Nice choice, the sedan is very elegant.
  4. ssmfernando

    Ford Focus 2012

    Yeah, 2012 models had automatic transmission issue which ford recalled and fixed through their dealership. Get the manual one, no maintenance and highly reliable. The Focus is more fun to drive with the stick shift. My recommendation is to get the MK3.5 EcoBoost petrol (Facelift model) or MK4 models. Check out Eco blue diesel. they are super economical and reliable.
  5. ssmfernando

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Hi All I have Ford Focus MK3.5 2016 (Facelift Titanium) 1-liter eco boost 6-speed manual 92kw 125HP. Such a wonderful car to drive. Bought the car in Italy for 18,500 Euros brand new. Apart from the Titanium trim package option list, I've added, automated pilot parking, (it never let me down a single time even in the tight parallel parking spot in crowded Milan area), Start and Stop, Rear cam, parking sensors 360 degrees, keyless entry and so on. Personally, I hate the Start and stop. The system is smooth and very intelligent. The moment you touch the accelerator pedal, the engine kicks in, but I hate to use. Usually, the first thing I'm doing get in the car and switch off the start and stop. 😉 Economy : Without the start and stop, she is doing 14.5km per litre at this moment. I'm doing short trips a lot. ODD just passed 23,000kms. Most of the time I'm very easy with the acceleration peddle, That little engine is very punchy, she never let me down in Italian highways. Car suspension is, a little bit stiffer comparing to Volkswagon golf, that stiffness is good to reduce body roll and greater handling. Steering, peddles, shifter not too tight, not too soft, they nailed it to the perfect balance. Ford Europe always know the sweets spot driving dynamics and comfort. In the summertime, I'm driving factory fitted Michelin primacy 3 tyres, they are super grippy, you can get the corner like a pro. But in Winter time I bought cheap Nankang, the grip is not that much, but for winter rain and snow, it's doing its job for the price, no complain. But if someone really needs to enjoy your Focus, get a good set of tyres. of course in Sri Lanka, there are no such a thing call winter tyres. lol. Complaints: not much, I'm not a fan of the interior, it could be improved, There are some cheap plastics, sometimes start to rattle in rough roads. But they address it in the new 2019 MK4 focus. I've got Sync 2 infotainment system. Not a huge fan of it. The system is bit laggy, complicated menus. Sync 3 is awesome with Apple car pay and Android auto. The dealership is charging around 2000 Euros to upgrade, not worthy!!! Here is my thought : I'm only recommending this car for enthusiastic drivers or joy riders. Especially in Sri Lankan harsh weather and road conditions, the ride could be uncomfortable. You need to take care of this baby. If you want to keep the car longer, you have to service timing belts, aux belts, flush coolant on time. (every 10 years or 100000kms. Check ETIS with your VIN) This little engine relies on the coolant. Without proper cooling system, you will damage the engine over time. Try to use genuine oil and filters. In Europe, my service intervals are - 20,000 km or 1 Year. 5W20 Castrol with Ford OEM parts. But for Sri Lankan climate, I would say service the car every 6 months, at least change the air filter. As you might know, Ford USA drop their entire car lineup except for the Mustang. In the US they will continue to focus on Pickups, SUVs and electric market. Now Ford Europe has the magic stick to make the Ford Focus even better. They are really pushing quality perspective. Focus main rival is VW Gold, so you got what I mean right? Others left behind in this price range and segment. Before committing to the Ford Focus, I was shortlisted, Honda Civic, Toyota Auris, Kia Ceed, Volvo Volvo v40. No offence, Honda civic, that designer tried soo hard. lol. Honda civic is never settling in design wise. Focus got more civilised, smooth subtle europian look and feel. Toyota Auris sucks in every perspective. Kia offers mindblowing 7 years of warranty, but, hmm no. Volvo is way too expensive. Golf, I don't like that dated design. These are my personal tastes and perspectives. Please do not get offended if I mention your favourite car model. Hope my experience was useful to someone as a buying guide.