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  1. @Damien79 well I did my first service to my brand new honda civic EX sedan from Stafford motors Ja-ela after running 5000kms. Overall I am happy with the service they performed. Total cost was 14 500. And I am definitely going there for my 2nd service as well. Go on a weekday if possible so there are less vehicles and they are not in a rush.
  2. @matroska hey man thanks. Yes as both of you explained its the usual case for the question number 3 I asked.... happy to hear that Honda civic owners are really happy with their car! Well I want to buy honda civic... problem is I am confused in selecting between Honda Civic hatchback and honda civic sedan 1000cc.. 🙄😶 hahaa noo i didn't ask about that in a FB page. This js the first time I am asking about it. Its because I love new honda civic and I don't want it to be a bad car lol 😕😌
  3. @RWD Hey man thanks for the nice explanation. About the question asked... yes I checked in the official Honda UK website and couldn't find about it...😔
  4. Hello! Well first of all this topic is about Honda Civic Sedans not Honda Civic Hatchbacks.... Honda civic sedan 2019 when you go to official website or even to stafford motors website they show 1.5L turbo engine model and 1.6L engine model which are about 90M rupees. But in all other places what you can find is 1000cc turbo engine sedan. I tried to find that model in Honda website but I couldn't find it(I'm not an expert.. maybe I missed it 🤭) So this Honda Civic Sedan 1000cc turbo engine costs roughly 70M -72M right now. What my questions are... 1) is 1000cc turbo engine is really enough for that huge vehicle, I mean performance? In hill country will it perform well? (Please see attached photos) 2) Why cannot we find Honda Civic Sedan 1000cc turbo engine model in Honda website? (If someone found it please send me the link) 3) I have seen lot of Honda Civic Hatchbacks for sale.. if you go to ###### or any other website you can at least find 10 to 20 used honda civic hatchbacks for sale that are run less than 10000kms... why is everyone selling it? Is there any failure? If there is will it be same with the Honda Civic sedan 1000Cc turbo engine model? Thank you.. I know its a big topic... I really need help and even car sale owners seem not aware about models and stuff... Thanks in advance! Cheers Lali 😀
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