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  1. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Hi appreciate if someone can explain on above. thanks.
  2. Malithm

    Sell my used car with leasing

    Sorry guys.. wanted to know what are the steps when selling it by myself with leasing. Want to know From a-z. Can anyone help me?
  3. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    How expensive spare parts of these KIA and how is the availability. Basically pls explain on maintenance cost.
  4. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Can you pls let me know whether Kia Rio 2001/2002/2003 manual cars good to use. saw there are used ones for 12-13 lks . Are those cars are good. there are automatic Kia cars for around 15 lks. Are there any issues with auto versions. need to know what pros and cons with Kia compared to Indian and japan cars.
  5. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Apologies for that!...
  6. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Hi Friends is the Suzuki zen car is good to buy? also why Hyundai Sonata car price is very low?
  7. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Hi friends I hope to go for a car. My budget is 12 laks. could you kindly advise me what’s the best available car in the market currently? should have a good appearance for daily traveling to office as well.
  8. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    I need to know this urgently bro.. can anyone pls support me...
  9. Hi Friends im planning to sell my used maruti 800 buddy. it has a leasing balance. can anyone pls tell me what’s the procedure to sell it myself without doing documentation etc...
  10. Hi Guys thanks a lot for your comments.. very useful.
  11. Malithm

    Which car to buy

    Hi Guys whats the best car to buy under 13mn currently in terms of fuel efficiency,maintenance cost ,appearance and durability.
  12. Hi Guys Is it micro panda better than maruti 800 in terms of performance?
  13. Malithm

    Cherry qq

    Hi Can you pls tell me whether cherry qq car is good to buy. I’m using a maruti 800. Doesn’t like to it’s appearance. or else pls suggest a good car with good appearance for the same budget