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  1. Ok.I will go for a nissan bluebird automatic model 1.whats the best model and year 2.Current Market price 3.Fuel burn for a km Thank you
  2. I have an own guest house.i never combined with travel agents.mostly drop use for just drop.20 years car enough for my purpose.
  3. Dear Friend,

    I am a new for this group.planing to byu a car for tourism purpose.I have few choices as which i mentioned below,

    1.N 16

    2.Suzuki Liana Wagon

    3.Toyota Vios

    Please give your suggestions,Like Best Fuel Burn,Best manufacture year.I can pay 1.8-2.3 millions maximum.

    1. trish_auto


      If you can elaborate more on how many pax you are going to load per time. Weight/size or numbers of baggage hauling. Any concern on ground clearance ? 

      First you need to decide type of the car, sedan? hatch? wagon? MPV? SUV? etc.  All the above mentioned models are trouble free vehicles. But comes in different cabin sizes, options.  Since I am not into the tourism industry I cant exactly comment on what is the best suited model. 

      Most people tend to go wagons, like Prius alpha (CX), Honda fit shuttle, Axio fielder. those models offer comfort of a car plus enough boot space for carrying extra luggage.  Out of these three prius alpha is more spacious and better ground clearance over other two. offers good fuel economy too. But it is out of your budget. 

      According to your budget you can fix a wagon model of toyota 121 or nissan. 

    2. Buddhika Jayawardana

      Buddhika Jayawardana

      thank you so much


  4. Hi, I am looking to buy a car for tourism purpose.Maximum i can pay 2 to 2.3 millions.
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