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  1. Thanks guys. i checked the issue with another mech. One of my friend's bit known place. He has replace Ac filter only which is blocked fully. Checked the leak and no need of removing the cool box or the dash board for the moment. Done this thing in last week . still no issue and AC is working perfectly. Thanks again for your valuable advice.
  2. Thanks Davy. it's lot for me. Will check with another Mech. Is there a known & recommended place to do this job ?
  3. Guys, I have a Prado 2005 petrol one. Problem is with air condition system. it seem that there is a gas leak and technician advise me to replace cool box since the issue is with it. My concern is that to replace this he needs to remove complete dashboard. Please let me know is there a other way to replace it with out removing the total dashboard ?