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  1. SK_

    Die-cast cars

  2. SK_

    Allion 240 Slow picking-up

    Hi all, I recently bought Toyota Allion 240 (2006 make) 1.5cc. ODO says 100k but for sure it has done near 200k. I'm experiencing little delay when overtaking , which the car come to speed little later. Not sure its usual for Allion. However, even with a delay it keeps the power once it comes to a certain speed. Gear shifting runs smoothly (as per my understanding) Further, not sure I'm feeling the slow pickup because of my previous car, Toyota IST 2003, which is with superb pickup in short. usually I get 200+meter ahead if I start at a Traffic-light. Just wondering whether my car need to go for a check-up. Value your comments.
  3. SK_

    Ist 1.3 Vs Fit Ge6

    I have driven IST 1.3 (2003) for 3 years. Good car in term of space, maintenance and specially in fuel.. It gave me min 12 per litter in Colombo usual traffic, 14-15 outside. (Exceptionally 18 per litter in Kataragama with no A/C). Please be noted that I'm a feather footed driver. Leg space for driver and front passenger is reasonable, however rear passengers might feel little uncomfortable due to short leg space. Parts can be found easily. Resale is quite fast. Had white color FL grade, nice sport looking and handy. Good pick-up in short drive (I usually get 200-300m lead after stop at color lights :P). Did no major repairs except replacing break pump, and usual running repairs such as break pads, belts, rear shocks, servicing ect.. Really good for daily city drives. I feel I missed my IST Cons : For long journey, IST is not a good choice. The suspensions are stiff and can feel tired after driving. Steering is limited to certain level to avoid risky turning, so you may feel difficult to turn the car in small space. Sorry no experience with GP
  4. SK_

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    I did 65,000k with my GT Radial (Malaysian) with my IST (185 x 65 x15). Sides have some issues if you hit sides in a tough surface.I think its pretty good to do 65K with reasonable price.