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  1. Hi, I'm planning to buy my first car and my budget is 3Mn - 4.3Mn. According to my expected usage on high hill roads and etc.. these were out of choise. Swift - Not economical on hills & expensive Vitz - this quite smaller to be used by a family Aqua x urban / G sport - don't feel like going for it spending close to 10Mn just for the features and the body kit for the same return Finally thought to go for a 141 2008 which will be cost around 3.3 -3.5mn. Is this wise? ---------------------------- Honda - Heard that these have a dual clutch issue and has had some issues in their technology. It takes about LKR 130K to repair duel clutch and only 30K more is guaranteed. Vezel - I like this very much but my friend said he got the DCT issue and it took about 300K for him to replace. Also the no 2nd hand market Grace - would like to stretch the budget for this and like a lot. Again watched few videos which have said they get the DCT issue anyway FIT GP5 - same as above Honda Insight ZE3 2013 - Saw one on ###### for about 3.8Mn with a great condition. 80K Km done. Honda experts, pls share your experience. I checked almost all the brands and 2nd hand cars but now I'm confused. Thanks.
  2. This is exactly wanted to know. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks alot. One of my friends said switf will not be good in terms of efficiency if I go col - Kandy. Since the climbing needs high fuel burning and energy. If I go to vitz will it be a significant saving ? Also Mazda 3 is a two letter one with 80k Km 2014, do you think if I wish to resell it in 2 years will I get a reasonable price ?
  4. This was really helpful. Can any one tell if the Swift is good for long distance driving like Col - Kandy. If so,, how will be fuel efficiency? Also hows Mazda 3 2014 Red color one for 4.5Mn ? Is it costly to maintain? hows the repair costs / Fuel etc..?
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