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    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Cold Start Problem

    Hi Davy, Thanks for the reply. This issue was there from the beginning. Even when I'm buying the car, the previous owner said that he also faced this issue and it's probably normal for these kinds of cars. I didn't know much about these at the time but later found out that this is nor normal. Yeah, you're right. I should get the check engine light fixed soon. And I didn't do a diagnostic scan yet.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2000 Honda civic EK3 and it runs very poorly when started after sitting for about 12 hours. I believe this is due to the engine temperature being lower than the operational temperature. It takes a couple of seconds (5-10) to start too, but when hot, starts within two seconds. RPM starts at 400 - 450 and if I try to hit the gas, the engine stops with misses. I have to keep it idling for about 2 - 3 minutes and then RPM slowly rise to normal. Any idea what this is? Thanks in advance, Vihanga.
  3. Vihanga Liyanage

    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Bad Fuel Consumption.

    Hi all, Sorry about replying so late. Stucked in work for a long time. I'm happy to say after the tune-up fuel consumption increased to about 8-9 kmpl. Given what we started, this is much better. I know there's few more km to gain on the consumption rate. I think some bad sensors are the cause for that. I couldn't get it to a checkup or check on the check engine light yet. Need to take part the dashboard and see what has happened to the indicator. Thanks all for the comments! Regards. Vihanga.
  4. Vihanga Liyanage

    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Bad Fuel Consumption.

    Hi all, False alarm on the scanner port! It was on the left side of the car and the tune up guy didn't know it. Guess he's not a Honda guy per se. Anyway, after the tune-up kinda forget about the 2000 rpm limit and drove free. If I'm burning too much petrol might just have some fun at least. Fuel meter didn't show a drastic decrease though. But it's too soon to tell, I only drove about 80 kms yet. Let's see what happens. Some say this could be an issue with the TPS sensor too.
  5. Vihanga Liyanage

    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Bad Fuel Consumption.

    Thanks for the replies Twin Turbo and rukmaldk! Yes, it's a manual, and I've checked the fuel consumption in outstation rides as well, refueling from several stations. No, unfortunately, the check engine light doesn't come up 😒 I think it's either burned out or someone removed it. Took it to a tune-up yesterday and found out that the scanner port is also not there. Guy looked everywhere under the dash but couldn't find it. Did a manual tune-up anyway, cleaned injectors and intake system and replaced injector filters and plugs. Tune-up guy said there could be a fault with the O2 sensor. Now I'm thinking the first thing to do is fix the scanner port somehow. It should tell whatever is not working right?
  6. Hi all, I recently bought an EK3 and noticed that it does really bad on petrol. Even when I try to keep it always under 2000 RPM, does only 4-5 Kms per liter. The engine runs good, sounds good and have good pick up as well. There are no oil leaks and it doesn't burn oil either. The check engine light doesn't come up and I think it's either removed or burn out though. Any advice? Thanks in advance!