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  1. thanks, Hyaenidae got enough understanding about the identification. so amazed with the commitment that you guys were shown.
  2. CR is the only way to check the engine type right?
  3. 😮 is that so... i thought that entire range is with both GDI and EFI options. then now worries of buying cs1 or 3 right? I'm really bouncing between axela and lancer
  4. Guys, Looking to by a car with a budget of 2.2mn to 2.8mn. Heard that lancer cs1,2,3 are good options but those are with GDI engines. and 1300 cc engine of CS1 may consume more fuel. What would be the best option in terms of fuel consumption, reselling value and overall experience? Lancer CS 1/2/3, ES 5, Mazda Axela????? If you came across another thread pls share.
  5. Guys, I'm looking to buy a car with a budget of 2.6,7 mn. Any suggestions? thought of buying a Honda (civic ES5) or Mitsubishi (lancer). I've been told that better to go for 1500 cc or less capacity vehicle. Since this is my first hands-on experience in buying a recondition vehicle, seeking your expert advice on this. Thanks
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