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  1. Nope , Workshop manual , which is having all the information regarding repairs etc. Anyway thank you soo much for the lik!
  2. Hi Guys, I need a Alto k10 old model service manual, I googled it but could't find a way to dowload. If anyone having it , Please let me know . or mail me @ [email protected] Thank you
  3. saw1993

    Mitshubishi Orion Engine 4G15

    Great! Thanks Buddy
  4. saw1993

    Mitshubishi Orion Engine 4G15

    Thank you so much for your valuable feeback, Do you have any experience in using any car with this engines?
  5. Hi guys , Its been a while for the discussions went here about Zotya nomad 2 . I've been reseraching about the nomad 2 , As per my findings it contains a Mitsubishi Orion 4G15 engine , and the fuel consumtion goes around 15kmpl. I don't think there may be no Nomad users . But Mitushubishi owners may be there with a 4G15 Orion Engine I Need to know much about the 4G15 Engine's 1) Avaiability of spares, common faults etc. 2) What are the cars having this engine Thank you