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  1. irda

    Engine capacity in CR

    The problem in my case is, my vehicle is stated as 658CC. But in the book, it's mentioned as 650CC. Not 660CC. So will it be a problem when selling the vehicle?
  2. irda

    Engine capacity in CR

    Me neither. But wanted to get clarified.
  3. When registering an unregistered vehicle for the first time, is it normal to have rounded numbers as engine capacity? Assume the actual CC is 658CC which is mentioned with the vehicle and CR to have 650CC as the engine capacity? If these two has such difference, will it be a problem in the long run?
  4. irda

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Hey, Thanks again for the comforting words. This being my first car, I'm really concerned over this. I have no prior experience over this sort of issues. Anyway, I'll be putting this to c*rchecks and getting a report. So if all checks out, hopefully I can get the deal done by this week
  5. irda

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    OK. Checked 4th vehicle. All 4 vehicle I checked had the same issue. Is it something common? Getting really worried. Because the car seems in a great mechanical condition. Is this something repairable?
  6. irda

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Thanks a lot for everyones valuable input. Now I'm thinking of keeping extra 50k-75k in case of emergency. Time to find a good specimen then
  7. irda

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Wow! That was fast. I never expected to someone reply this fast. This is really helpful. Any idea if I have the issue with steering rack, how much will it cost? And the next thing is, if we are to buy a car from out of Colombo, there is a possibility that these owners won't be willing to take them to a place like carchecks all the way. In that case, anyone with good knowledge (a good garage bass) can do the inspection? Thanks again for the detailed reply.
  8. irda

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Hello Demio owners! I'm looking to buy a Demio as my first car. I'm eying for a 2008 manufactured one. Most of them are close to 80k - 100k clocked. What sort of issues that I should be looking forward to spend my money as initial repairs? Any methods that I can check above issues? Is there a way to check if the gearbox is in good condition? (Kind of worried about this CVT maintenance issue - if the car has a CVT gearbox) I have checked 2 cars so far. Both have corrosion in top part of the body where the backdoor connects to the body. (Please see attached image). Is this something normal that I shouldn't worry and go ahead, so I can do a fix later or should I avoid this? Is this a common problem? Your help on this matter is highly appreciated.