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  1. Because recall for the hybrid vezels are for the production batch of july 2013 to february 2014. The production date of my vezel is September 2014. And I also checked from the website. Now the question is how to fix it or I have to overhaul the gearbox? The problem occurs after driving through heavy traffic.
  2. Not sure. The dealer told me that the mileage is actual. Auction grade is 4.5. Verified.
  3. Is it too low for the model?
  4. I purchased my vezel hybrid 2014 back in February 2018 with 25k in odo. At first, everything runs smoothly. But one thing that I noticed recently is that after running through heavy traffic the gear shifting become much less smooth. Especially the first gear shifting becomes rough and usually takes longer to shift. Sometimes the whole car becomes jerky. I know that the hybrid version has DCT issue but i checked before purchase to ensure that it wasn't recalled. How to maintain DCT? It is going to be a huge issue for me because heavy traffic is very common in city life and I can't bypass that.
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