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  1. Praveen_vios

    Toyota vitz 2016 safety

    Howe did you check? from the inbuilt fuel consumption meter ?
  2. Praveen_vios

    Car seat covers

    Hi there, I own an old vios (Manufactured in 2003) and planning to get some seat covers. Appreciate if you guys could recommend few places along with their pricing in general.
  3. Praveen_vios

    Auto AC

    Thanks for the comment... I have not checked engine mounts since log time so yes... might be the case...
  4. Praveen_vios

    Auto AC

    HI all, I own a Toyota Vios 2003 model and what I have noticed recently is the vibration when I turn on the AC. I know its obvious that turing it on will put on additional burden on the fuel department and the engine, but what I experience is some considerable vibration specially when braking and slowing down (let's say in a traffic). Btw, I have not serviced it since 1 year ... Will a regular AC service fix this ? apprecaite your comments....