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  1. TMNR

    Nissan pulsar FN15 (wagon model)

    thanks for your answer presea lover
  2. TMNR

    Nissan pulsar FN15 (wagon model)

    pesea lover. what are the diffenrent between pulsar cj1 and cj 2. and fuel economy between these two cars?
  3. TMNR

    Nissan pulsar FN15 (wagon model)

    sound some what confuse me about DA15DE engine. And i read your past posts. it seems you are a big presea lover. so how about the presea car. and its fuel consumption? is it also use GA15DE engine. please give me a advice presealover.
  4. TMNR

    Nissan pulsar FN15 (wagon model)

    thanks tilvin 7 - 8 mean city? if it is, how about outstation and also how about nissan pulsar Cj 2 (Saloon model)
  5. TMNR

    Nissan pulsar FN15 (wagon model)

    Thanks TT. I will do as you said.. if you know please tell me the fuel efficiency, spare parts cost and availability... thanks
  6. Hi, I'm new to here. I have a plan to buy a nissan pulsar FN15 Auto Transmission (Wagon Model). I dont know anything about this car. Need to know about , fuel economy , reliability, availability of spares (Because I'm in Kegalle ),cost of spares and all other positive and negative feedback's related to the vehicle. please share your experiences. Thank you .