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  1. @Davy, I think you have mistakenly merged the topics. Merged topic (my new topic) is different from this topic. As per @matroska, this post and other three posts should be merged since those are talking about the features and specifications on same two vehicles. The merged post is talking about manufacturing defects and faults of the two vehicles.. I'll add the merged topic as a new topic again(?) and appreciate if you can merge this post and other 3 together.
  2. Im planning to buy a suzuki swift rs 2017 (non hybrid, non safety) or a toyota vitz 2018 (safety). What are the common (mechanical/electrical or other) problems they have? I heard that almost all the swifts has a steering rack issue, making a sound (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsNPROxmJAg). Can this be permanently be fixed? will 100% of the swifts will get this issue someday? of cause we don't buy a swift go doing off-road but time to time we'll go in some bad SL roads.. I haven't heard any issue with the Vitz though. are there any which are way worse than swift? 😲 of cause i want that swift which is has a better engine, better looking, better quality, better features and all. but there are people saying they have replaced the swift racks multiple times (x3 or x4 since April).. that makes me wanna buy a vitz.. What other faults these two cars have? thanks in advance for your comment guys!!
  3. When checking on sales, swift 2017(non safety) and vitz 2018 (safety) both are somewhat in the same price range. what do you think of these two cars? fuel economy, engine quality and performance, build quality, parts prices, interior space, ground clearance, 2nd hand market value and etc.. 😊
  4. Hi, What petrol fuel type(92 or 95) should be used for suzuki swift RS turbo 2017 (non hybrid) and toyota vitz 2017? how can i get to know which should be used? or is this a dumb question?
  5. @iRage Thank you. What is the site to check JAAI certification? Can you share the website link?
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of buying a reconditioned car from a car sale (2015-2017 vitz or 2017 swift or 2017 passo). I have following questions. If a car has JEVIC certification, how to verify the certification details of the seller got? can I verify the details online? is checking the e-certificate online (https://www.jevic.com/) is a correct way? JAAI certification, how can I verify the certification details? is there a way to check it online? Does above cars can come in Sterling certificate? how to verify a sterling certificate? can I do it online? What if the seller refuse to show the certification or he say there're no certifications available but it was certified in jevic(or anyother)? Is it possible to check the vehicle condition from Toyota Lanka or A*W for a car in a sale? does Toyota Lanka or A*W do that? Is it possible for a seller to not have a certification for a car?
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